Why Plant-Based Desserts Are Good For You And Simply Delish Too!

plant based dessert

Puddings are the bane of anyone trying to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. They’re just too good!

Temptation is a difficult thing to resist, but don’t worry – Simply Delish is here to solve any sweet cravings while being zero-sugar, plant-based, and keto certified!

That means you can tuck into Plant-Based Simply Delish puddings and jels at any time, guilt-free and safe in the knowledge that you’ll never have to suffer through a sugar craving while sucking on a celery stick, ever again.

Delicious guilt-free desserts with Simply Delish. Tasty and Sugar-Free.

If you are following a low-carb, keto lifestyle, you’ll be thrilled to discover you can enjoy our Jels and Puddings, guilt-free… Because Simply Delish is the home to the world’s first sugar-free and Keto-certified jels and puddings!

The ketogenic diet is one that tens of thousands of people around the world praise as being a reliable and easy way to maintain optimum fitness goals, but so many people say that they struggle with the lack of sweet foods. We hear ‘ya! Simply Delish is Ketogenic Certified.

Simply Delish fills that hole and then some. Not merely as a stand-in for ‘real’ puddings and desserts, but as a healthy, plant-based, and most importantly- creamy, rich and smooth a tasty alternative to sugary foods.

That’s what we call a win-win! When they used to say you can’t have your cake and eat it they were wrong! You so can. And why wouldn’t you want to eat it when it just tastes sooooo good?

Plant-Based & Keto Friendly

Plant-based refers to the product being made entirely out of plant-based substances, otherwise known as vegan, but vegan desserts aren’t just for vegans!

Anybody can enjoy the health benefits of eating desserts naturally lower in saturated fats and sugars while helping the planet a little by reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact. Need to talk about Jels and Gelatin.

Simply Delish is the world's first keto-certified pudding. Perfect for your diet!

Keto, or Ketogenic, refers to the restrictive diet that causes your body to use ketones (acids that are formed in your liver) to burn your body’s fat reserves and subsequently reduce the amount of fat in your body.

The fantastic news is that with Simply Delish you can take on a keto diet without having to avoid your favorite types of puddings and desserts!

Plant-based natural foods allow you to explore a range of puddings and jels guilt-free and without hassle.

They do not contain GMOs, gelatin, or dairy.

That means you can prepare puddings for a group of people without having to fret about preparing extra desserts for your friends and family with lactose intolerance or worry about any of your vegan or vegetarian friends missing out on tasty treats!

Zero Sugar and delicious KETO instant puddings. Guilt-free!

The colors and flavors of our desserts are all-natural no artificial junk allowed, so they fit around a healthy lifestyle, whether that be for personal or health reasons.

These zero-sugar, low-carb puddings are suitable for any lifestyle change you might currently be adapting to fit. Maybe it’s Dr’s orders or perhaps you’re just trying to lose a few pounds. There are plenty of reasons to reduce your sugar intake.

Plant-based foods like the Simply Delish range of natural puddings and jels can support your immune system, with essential nutrients that other foods may not provide.

At the same time, the Vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants in plants can help to keep your cells and body healthy and balanced so that your immune system stays strong.

Not only that, but Plant-Based natural foods may lower your blood pressure and keep your heart strong, and they can help to prevent type-2 diabetes. They can even help to manage your weight while improving your cholesterol and keeping your brain healthy, which in turn can lower the risk of stroke.

Who would have thought that eating a dessert had so many positives, right!

World's 1st Sugar-Free KETO Certified Jels and Puddings. Eat sugar-free now!

Sweetened with the best Stevia, find an amazing difference in the taste and texture of all Simply Delish products.

Want to know more about how Simply Delish qualifies as keto certified? Head on over to the dedicated page at, the leading keto certification website!

What’s more, at Simply Delish products have tested by the #1 keto research lab in the world
We take pride in ensuring what you put in your body won’t have any harmful effects. So, our products are 100% free-from common ingredients like artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, or sweeteners.

Good for you, great for the planet too!

So how do we get the same great taste?

By using stevia and a plant-based ingredient that is derived from seaweed called carrageenan, which makes the puddings and jels entirely vegan and sugar-free!

Want to more information about how Simply Delish puddings utilize natural ingredients for a guilt-free treat with the same great taste? Just click here to learn more.

Simply Delish products are featured in the Safe Snack Guide by

A great addition to a healthy lifestyle. Our delicious puddings and Jels are so versatile.

We’d love for you to come and discover something delicious at our dessert shop. A great addition to a low-carb lifestyle. Our delicious puddings and Jels are so versatile.

On our website, you’ll find loads of info and recipe cards that you can use to make amazing desserts like the Layered Chocolate Pudding Waffles or Butterscotch Pudding (two dishes that are simply delish! But there are many, many more to choose from over 100).

Plant-based Natural Jels

Simply Delish Plant-Based Natural Jels come in a range of sugar-free flavors.

Shop now for great flavored low-carb treats, or to create your own unlimited flavors with our Unflavored Jel Mix!

Delicious Instant Puddings by Simply Delish

Try out our range of sugar-free puddings; sure to tickle your tastebuds.

Fantastic for after meals, as an afternoon snack, or simply just because!

Shop now for light, perfect low-carb delights.

Don’t forget to try some of our tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even drinks!

Simply Delish puddings and Jels are versatile enough to keep your diet varied and exciting. You definitely won’t get bored!

For breakfast, try out the raspberry chia seed pudding or chocolate maple overnight oats.

Prefer a sweet drink? Try out the Peach and Raspberry flavor sparkling water recipe here.

Or how about a fantastically fruity, kid-friendly afternoon sweet treat? Try the Berries and Cream jel shots!

To try out one of these recipes, head to the Simply Delish recipe page, where you can find plenty of diverse, healthy treats to satisfy any craving.

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