Did you know Milk or Plant-Based Milk Alternative is the key to making a delicious guilt-free decadent dessert?

Milk Mixing Guide - Plant-Based Milk

Today we’re discussing what milk and milk alternatives work best with keto and gluten-friendly puddings. That is why we are looking at Plant-Based Milk.

While we encourage you to release your inner creativity in the kitchen and try out endless tempting recipe combinations, some dairy and non-dairy alternatives just work better together. 

We’ve got the lowdown on what works best if you want to enjoy a sugar-free, diabetic-friendly but tasty, guilt-free dessert. View our recipes here. T

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Dairy or Non-Dairy milk? What milk works best in keto & decadent puddings?

Take almond milk, for example, currently the leading milk alternative in the US with oat milk being a close second choice.  

Almond milk is enjoyed for its rich and nutty flavor, not to mention its low in fat and calories. It ticks plenty of “dietary” benefit boxes. But it can have a bitter, acidic edge that’s not to everyone’s palate. Poured straight into a hot coffee, it tends to curdle, and nobody wants that to happen when they’re showcasing a new dessert for friends and family.

Is non-dairy milk a popular trend in the preparation of diabetic-friendly desserts?

Indeed, the demand for alternative dairy has never been higher. It’s a trend that doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. 

According to Morning Consult, 67% of U.S. adults have now tried a non-dairy milk, with 82% citing they enjoy the taste and not just the health and sustainability benefits. 

If you want to give your family a sugar-free, allergen free, keto, vegan, non-GMO verified, kosher, halal & natural pudding, you should consider a range that is based on the founding principles of being plant-based and lactose-free. That way, you can be sure that you are giving your family a delicious dessert that’s entirely suitable for all sufferers of allergies in your household.

We recommend that you go for something compatible with non-diary recipes using soy, oat milk, flax milk & vanilla almond milk. Meaning that delicious healthy desserts can be a reality for everyone.  Alternative sources of milk – the plant-based market is huge.

Alternative milk sources, particularly soy, have been around for years now, and their popularity has exploded of late. 

According to Everyday Health, the plant-milk market was worth $ 12 billion back in 2019 and that growth rate is expected to compound annually by 11% between 2020 and 2026. You’re certainly not alone if you’ve already switched to plant-based milk.

How do certain dairy and non-dairy products affect the taste, texture & color of your desserts?

Why is it, for example, that cream tastes just so…..creamy? You guessed it… three little letters that together spell something super tasty – FAT

It’s the fat content in your favorite milk (dairy & plant-based) that gives it that delicious creamy flavor. That’s why choosing the right milk, and milk alternative is always best to also look at the fat content and sugar in your milk – Recommend at least 2.5% fat content for the most delicious and smooth dessert.

Do all plant-based kinds of milk deliver the same nutritional benefits?

While plant-based milk sources have plenty of nutritional benefits, they’re not all created equal. 

As with any food or drink product, it is important to check the nutritional label for potential additives such as sugar, salt and oil, as well as added water content that can affect the ability of the liquid to blend effectively with your chosen Instant Pudding base. 

Only products that contain the best quality allergen-free ingredients can claim that they are Allergen Free. Look out for hidden artificial ingredients, preservatives or colors in what you think is a healthy dessert and also, be careful not to put any unwanted ingredients back “in” with your final choice of liquid mixer.

Should I avoid sweetened milk in my desserts?

Choosing the best liquid source affects the finished taste and texture and is also an essential consideration if you want to hit those net daily carbs to remain in ketosis. 

As a general rule of thumb, all sweetened milk or alternative milk is best avoided as it’s high in carbs and sugar. 

Simply Delish ketogenic-certified Instant Puddings have been designed to blend effortlessly with a range of liquid bases so that you can manage your dietary and allergy requirements. However, some milk sources just go better together with our tasty puds. 

To ensure that you get the best possible flavor, texture and color combinations from your desserts, we’ve worked hard with a dedicated team of recipe influencers blending and blitzing lots of simply delish combinations to discover what works best.

It’s time to shake up your milk and your dessert game with Keto puddings that are packed with a creamy taste and smooth and silky texture.

What milk should I choose to make the best dessert?

We recommend adding 2 cups of 2% milk or 1¼ cup of sugar free or keto-milk for best results. 

Our favorites for mixing are

1 ¼ cups of either Oat milk, Soymilk, Flax Milk and Macadamia milk.

Plant-Based Milk

Check out the best milk source at a glance!

We wanted to make life easier for you all, so we’ve put together this good mixer guide. Now you can quickly see at a glance whether Oat Milk Original works best with Strawberry Pudding or Butterscotch Pudding!

We tried and tested the most popular liquid bases and assessed their impact on the color, taste and texture of these popular Instant Puddings

It’s never been easier to create a dessert that meets your taste and specific allergen requirements. 

Simply choose the liquid base best for then go ahead and enjoy an allergen-free, guilt-free, but never taste-free dessert every darn day!