Why Obesity is the No.1 health concern right now and how sugar is the major culprit

Obesity is the No.1 health concern right

There’s a pandemic out there that’s not going away any time soon. It’s not a virus. It’s not something you can catch, but it is something you can prevent. It’s called obesity. It’s the reason why prioritizing your long-term health and the associated risks of being overweight always remains a top priority. And it’s being fuelled by overconsumption of sugar. Obesity is the number one health concern right now. Sugar is the major culprit. View our recipes here

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All indulgent products are not created equal

Many of us understandably increased our consumption of indulgent snacks during the challenging times of the last few years. Do the findings of a recent report, All Indulgent Products are Not Created Equal, that people of a healthy weight are less likely to choose indulgent snacks than those who battle with obesity, meaning the joyful indulgence of a delicious snack is a thing of the past? 

Does quitting sugar mean losing out on taste?

In our endeavor to achieve a healthy weight, do we have to say goodbye to the puddings and snacks we enjoy? 

Just because a snack is indulgent doesn’t mean it can’t have wellness benefits. It is possible to make tasty desserts that are sugar-free, keto-certified, low-carb, and plant-based, that make a delicious guilt-free alternative to a traditional indulgent snack and, in so doing, help tackle the growing rates of obesity by encouraging more people to quit sugar.

Looking to lose a few pounds? What are healthy snacking options to avoid obesity?

A recent article entitled  “Consumers looking for wellness in snacks” stated that “whatever people choose as a snack, they’ll feel less guilty about it if has some benefit for them……energy is the No1 benefit that keeps coming up in research.”  

We all know how easy it is to reach for a sugar fix when our body craves energy.  

But are there any sugar-free, guilt-free, energy-boosting snack options that will help stave off that mid-morning sugar crash and avoid obesity? What are the best go-to snacks to grab after a gym workout or to help tame your hungry monsters when they come home from school that won’t send them hyper?     

Check out our top 5 healthy grab-and-go snacks

With the trend in conscious indulgence demanding indulgent treats that are healthier in some way than the traditional versions, Simply Delish’s plant-based and non-GMO verified instant desserts and jels with their natural color, flavors, and sweetener are just the answer. 

Because Simply Delish’s Ketogenic-Certified, plant-based, sugar-free puddings and jels are so versatile, you can create all sorts of guilt-free delicious snacks without them becoming boring!  

Beyond the delightful, guilt-free bowl of pudding or jel, Simply Delish puddings can be incorporated into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So, not only can you snack guilt-free, but you can also make your meals delicious and healthy!

What are the health benefits of going sugar-free?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends sugar should be less than 10% of your overall daily calories, while the American Heart Association recommends just 6 teaspoons a day, equivalent to around 100 calories. 

We know that too much sugar puts you at greater risk of obesity, but it also increases the chances of other serious health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and liver disease.

So, besides encouraging weight loss and preventing those diseases, what other benefits can you expect to see and feel from quitting sugar and beat obesity?

Helps regular blood sugar levels

To process sugar, the pancreas releases insulin. Insulin allows sugar to enter your cells, but when excessive sugar enters your bloodstream immediately, you can develop insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is the precursor to type 2 diabetes. So by reducing your sugar intake, your cells are less sensitive to insulin, absorbing less sugar, which in turn helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

Improves your oral health

We’ve all heard the impression – he/she has got a sweet tooth. What they’ve probably also got as a result is infected and inflamed gums too. A sweet tooth can end up getting you in serious oral health trouble. Over time, bacteria from sugar consumption break down to produce an acid which, as we all know, leads to dental cavities. WHO recommends reducing your sugar intake to less than 10% to help prevent cavities and gum disease.

Improves your skin

You might be surprised to discover that quitting sugar can also improve skin health. Managing hormonally triggered acne is much easier when you remove sugar from your diet. Sugar can also make your skin age faster as it attacks collagen and elastin production, leading to more pronounced wrinkles, creases, and sagging skin. 

Although quitting sugar won’t reverse any wrinkles that have already formed, it will help slow down further damage.

May lower the risk of depression

We are what we eat is another popular saying. But did you know our gut and brain health are also linked? Therefore what we eat directly impacts how we feel. A healthy diet packed with whole grains, nuts, fresh fish and lots of fruit and vegetables is associated with lower instances of depression. 

Several studies have suggested that higher levels of sugar intake not only lead to spikes in obesity but could also trigger depressive symptoms. This could be related to the release of endorphins and dopamine from sugar. Helping you feel good in the moment but detrimentally affects your mood and not just your waistline over time. Yet another compelling reason to quit sugar.

Can I still enjoy dessert if I go sugar-free?

With Simply Delish’s sugar-free delicious instant puddings losing weight doesn’t mean giving up having desserts.  Because they’re sugar-free, plant-based, and keto-certified, you can satisfy those indulgent cravings without worrying about undoing all your good work. Kick obesity for good!

With a preparation time of just 2 minutes, when you fancy an indulgent dessert after dinner or a late-night snack, Simply Delish’s instant puddings will quickly satisfy you.

When only chocolate will do, how about our delicious sugar-free Keto-certified chocolate pudding? It’s fantastic on its own, but if you want to prepare something ahead of time to keep in the fridge, just in case, how about trying one of our 10 Simply Delish instant chocolate pudding recipes?   

With our range of sugar-free, plant-based, and keto-friendly indulgent snacks, we’re here to help you achieve your weight loss goals – guilt-free and obesity free!