Late Night Keto Sugar-Free Healthy Snacking Ideas For Family Movie Night

Healthy Snacking Ideas

There’s nothing like family movie nights for spending quality time together. Who doesn’t like a spot of Netflix and chill? 

But when you’re trying to keep the family healthy (or following a diet yourself), the idea of everyone snacking instead of eating a proper meal (not to mention the kids bouncing off the walls full of sugar) starts to ring alarm bells. You can hardly sit still to finish the movie; there’s so much energy in the room!

With Simply Delish Keto Certified, plant-based, sugar-free natural jel desserts and instant puddings, it doesn’t need to be that way. So stick with us, and you can make guilt-free versions of everyone’s favorite movie night snacks, with plenty of time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Delicious guilt-free desserts with Simply Delish. Tasty and Sugar-Free

At Simply Delish, we believe that healthy doesn’t need to be bland or tasteless and that fun snacks and treats should be able to be shared with everyone – no matter what food sensitivities or health restrictions they live with.

Our competition lacks the health certifications that we stand proudly by, and we are proud to say our entire range is certified as vegan, NON-GMO, allergen free, kosher, Keto Certified, and Halal – as well as being completely sugar-free and suitable for people with diabetes!

With no more worrying about who can and can’t eat from which trays, kids’ birthday parties and family gatherings become a breeze and the only thing you need to argue over on family movie night is what genre to watch! Romcom or Sci-Fi, anyone?

Once you’ve made up your mind, you can concentrate on making delicious desserts and snacks without worrying about what goes into them or who’s taking a bite.

A great addition to a healthy lifestyle. Our delicious puddings and jels are so versatile.

With six delicious flavors of our natural jel desserts (an unflavored version) and five delectable instant puddings, plenty of variety is available right out of the package!

But the fun doesn’t end there… With our vast range of delicious recipes for healthy snacks and desserts, you’ll be able to delight the whole family without worrying about harmful additives, excessive sugar, allergies, intolerances, or anything else that could get in the way of a harmonious (and tasty!) movie night.

Try Simply Delish. Natural color, flavors and sweetener. Plant-based and NON-GMO Verified.

Whether you’re dealing with allergies or trying to keep the family healthy, everyone should be able to enjoy tasty treats with their movies. So, we’ve picked out four delicious recipes we think will make your next movie night go off with a bang and delight kids of all ages without keeping everyone up all night full of sugar or ruining anyone’s keto streak.

While some of these recipes include non-vegan ingredients, you can rest assured that our entire range is entirely vegan and certified cruelty free. So, if you follow a vegan diet, it’s always safe to enjoy our delicious desserts and gels prepared according to the package instructions; simply replace them with your favorite non-dairy alternative and you’ll be happy as (vegan) pie!

Nothing says precious family memories like homemade s’mores, with the kids building their towering monstrosities ready to be toasted up and demolished in front of an old favorite on the big screen.

This fantastic hack for completely sugar-free marshmallows using our ultra-versatile plant-based natural unflavored jel dessert means you can let the kids go absolutely bonkers (and indulge yourself) in as many nostalgic treats as you like without worrying about the sugar content.

As a bonus, diabetics who might usually feel like they’re missing out on gooey, marshmallow deliciousness can join in with everyone else!

Shopping List:

From Simply Delish:

From the store:

  • Egg whites (or vegan egg-white substitute)
  • Powdered allulose
  • Salt
  • Vanilla extract
  • Monkfruit powdered sugar or another powdered sugar substitute

Made in minutes and into the freezer, ready for movie night, this patriotic dessert is perfect for themed movies. It proves American food isn’t all about the enormous portions and sugar!

Using both our plant-based natural strawberry jel dessert and our low-carb pudding in sumptuous vanilla, this keto, sugar-free, and vegan-friendly bark recipe will snap and crackle just like classic chocolate bark – with none of the calories or guilt!

With healthy dessert ideas like these, you don’t need to wait for special events like the 4th of July to treat yourself and the kids – stick on Independence Day and snuggle everyone up on the couch for patriotic fun all year round.

Shopping List:

From Simply Delish:

From the store:

  • Milk (or non-dairy milk substitute)
  • Fresh blueberries
  • Red, white, and blue sprinkles

You cannot often pack this much protein into a sweet snack! 

Make sure everyone’s getting the proper keto macronutrient balance in one delicious, naturally orange-flavored bite with these luxurious cheesecake bites made using our plant-based natural orange jel dessert. They’re so tasty, your only problem will be getting too much protein! 

After mixing the ingredients, coat your cheesecake bites with the recommended granulated allulose for a delicious sugar-like crunch, or choose your favorite graham cracker substitute crumbled for a glorious crispy coating that really brings out the cheesecake flavors.

Shopping List:

From Simply Delish:

From the store:

  • Cream cheese (or vegan cream cheese substitute)
  • Unsweetened shredded coconut
  • Vanilla protein powder
  • Stevia or another sugar substitute

Movie night doesn’t need to end when the kids go to bed… With loads of jelly shot recipes using our plant-based natural jels in our recipe book, you can have a veritable cocktail bar ready to unveil from the fridge after the nightlights go out. The perfect grown-up ending to a day of family fun! 

These decadent champagne shots use our plant-based natural unflavored jel dessert, designed to let your creativity run wild, providing the same mouth-watering texture as our other plant-based jels, but allowing you to add your own unique flavor twists.

Shopping List:

From Simply Delish:

From the store:

  • Sparkling peach cider
  • Champagne
  • White and gold sugar-free sprinkles

You can fit everything you need to try all of these recipes in a custom build-a-box order from Simply Delish, with plenty of room to try more of our sugar-free pudding mixes and plant-based natural jels

If none of these recipes tickle your fancy, then there are many more healthy dessert ideas in our popular recipe section, which is sure to contain something to please even the most discerning palettes (or the pickiest of pre-teens!)

Make your next movie night one to remember and start a tradition of healthy treats the whole family can enjoy.

Come find something delicious for yourself or someone else at our dessert shop.

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