Here are the healthy lunchbox swaps you need to know about!

Here are the healthy lunchbox swaps you need to know about!

Whether you’re prepping for a busy week at work or making packed lunches for your little ones to take to school, it’s important to keep an eye on what goes in every lunch box and how much sugar we consume.

Being mindful about what we eat and how we eat is essential to living a healthy lifestyle, and Simply Delish is here to make healthy eating as easy as pie!

Managing specific health conditions can be difficult for anyone, but it can be especially challenging for anyone with an after-lunch sweet tooth.

Simply Delish puddings and jels can offer an excellent alternative for people trying to manage a low-sugar diet for their health without avoiding sweet treats in the lunchbox entirely.

So take a load off, you earned it, and get ready to take notes for all the best lunchbox swaps you need to know about, courtesy of Simply Delish!

If you never have enough time to sit down for a proper breakfast, you’ll love these yogurt pudding breakfast bowls. Whip up four servings in just ten minutes, and you can even prepare this breakfast in advance, ready to eat on the go if you have the time or appetite to deal with food first thing in the morning.

If saving time isn’t enough, you’ll also be thrilled to know you’re protecting yourself from processed sugars and empty carbs. 

This recipe is also 100% vegan. Don’t let dietary restrictions stand in the way of you getting the day started the nutritious way and yes, delicious way. 

For a keto breakfast bowl, simply swap out the granola mentioned for a keto-certified alternative.

Bento boxes are a great idea for people who love to eat healthy at work, but while rice is a healthier option than a salt- and carb-heavy sandwich, it is still a carbohydrate. 

You won’t regret this trade, as tofu is super filling and full of protein, leaving you feeling fuller and emotionally sated for longer. Plus, because tofu is such a diverse food, you can easily amend this recipe to suit whatever you have in the cupboards for a versatile lunchbox that won’t get boring!

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat in their lunchbox? 

We know the cookies/cakes are the part of every packed lunch we look forward to the most, and now, you can enjoy all the sweetness of tasty triple chocolate cookie cakes without worrying about the excess sugars! So, whether you’re cutting down on sugar or trying to ensure your kids’ lunches are as healthy as possible, Simply Delish has your back! And your lunchbox.

OK, so whoopie pies might sound like a luxury for lunchbox addition, but you’ll be amazed by how easy they are to make! 

Our Pumpkin Whoopie Pies recipe doesn’t only contain one of your daily vegetable portions, but it’s also customizable, so you can swap out any ingredients that contain gluten or dairy for your preferred alternatives or keep lunches interesting by adding whatever you have on hand for a delicious lunchbox treat!

A perfect option for people juggling a busy schedule and a healthy diet plan, these paleo chocolate raspberry bites are easy to prepare in advance for that busy week ahead. 

Simply prepare your portions at the weekend; these bites will last all week if refrigerated properly. Though we doubt they’ll last that long!

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