Haunting Halloween Desserts! Truly terrifying desserts that wobble like Jel!

Halloween Desserts

Simply Delish is the perfect pudding ingredient to use when you want tasty, satisfying puddings without the stress of sugar, allergens or other added ingredients.

If you’re preparing a buffet for a Halloween special or want to liven up your kids’ lunch box, look no further than Simply Delish for the best delectably spooky, sweet-as-candy (but much better for you) recipes all the whole family can enjoy.

Simply Delish is verified by the NON-GMO Verified, Ketogenic, Kosher, Halal among other certifications that we stand proudly by. But don’t worry! We might have plenty of of healthy certifications but our product are still delicious & packed with flavor & allergen free & vegan. Plus, you’ll never find any nasty ingredients or experience harmful effects from eating Simply Delish desserts with Gelatin. There are no Halloween horrors round here! It’s all treats and no tricks!

Simply Delish has a range of the world’s first Sugar Free, Keto-Certified Jels and Puddings, plant-based jel desserts, and instant puddings, so you can be the ghostess with the mostest this fall and serve up these hellishly good desserts.

There are so many tasty and easy sugar-free recipes available. Try one!  Or follow this article for ideas to make the spookiest sugar-free sweet eats on the block. The kids will be knocking at your door for these top 10 tasty Halloween party treats!

This classic and fun treat made by our #FoodieFriend @mandiemouse87 is perfect for the whole family this Halloween and every other party night in between! 

Here’s how you can quickly create this ghoulishly goeey fright-night recipe:

  1. Make Simply Delish Natural chocolate pudding according to box directions
  2. Place pudding in fridge to chill
  3. Crush Oreo cookies in a bag
  4. In a serving glass add chocolate pudding, top with crushed Oreos and gummy worms
  5. Enjoy

Taking just 25 minutes to assemble, these keto parfait bowls are perfect for a sensational spooky breakfast for the entire family. Simply swap out any dairy ingredients for your preferred alternatives, and this recipe has your morning sorted.

This festive recipe is paleo, keto, gluten-free, vegan, and gluten-free! Bundle under your coziest blankets with this delish dessert, ready in just ten minutes.

We’re all in it for the Boos! The fun-sized Chocolate Churro Boo Bites are fun to create, and perfect for a Halloween party platter. This recipe makes twelve low-sugar treats, perfect for sharing (or not).

They do need to set overnight, so make sure you plan a-head!

These chocolate-centered popsicle treats will surely surprise your pals at the workplace Halloween do’. 

This recipe makes eight mini keto pops and takes 3.5 hours to make due to the freezing time. 

Ensure your colleagues have a strong stomach before serving these strange sweet treats. It may cause shock and surprise.

Flex your treat decorating skills with these boo-tiful pumpkin patch pop sticks. They’re cute, they’re tasty, they’re low carb, low sugar and they’re only 15 calories per pop. These are definitely tasty treats without sugary tricks!

This fall, send your little ones to school with a dark (chocolate) secret.

No one will believe these frightfully good choc chip buttercream cookie monsters are low carb, low sugar, and home-made. They’ll satisfy the cravings of the worst chocolate fiend.

This recipe makes 14 cookies and it’s just as well because they’ll be flying out of the oven…faster than a witches broomstick!

Easy, keto, AND delicious! This pudding is ideal for an after-meal delight for entertaining the in-laws (terrifying) or just because you can.

The recipe takes just twenty minutes and contains one of your 5-a-day vegetable portions.

Instead of boring old whipped cream, you’ve had a hundred times already, heat up your pudding with this heavy piping cream.

Deliciously spiced with nutmeg, allspice, and ginger and terribly irresistible. You’ll never want to eat plain cream again.

These ones are perfect for crafters with a bit of initiative and creativity…

Make up the jel and allow it to set for about 60 minutes. While waiting, pre-prepare some party plates by decorating them with edible treats however you like, then serve the jel as-is… 

Ok, this one’s definitely a last resort for when you’ve run out of time (what with all the costume making and party planning, who can blame you?!) but these Simply Delish jel desserts are so bright and vibrant, none of the kids will notice how little effort it took!

Make this dish interactive by getting kids to decorate their own by placing gummy worms (sugar-free of course) and other Halloween-themed sweets in little bowls on the table.

If you want variety without the time-consuming task of choosing a recipe and going grocery shopping, don’t fret.

Simply Delish Puddings take just two minutes from beat to eat, and the jels take just an hour to set in the fridge.

Customize your family’s favorite recipes with Simply Delish’s range of versatile flavors-

Shop now for great flavored low-carb treats, or to create unlimited flavors with our Unflavored Jel Mix!

Top with your favorite sugar-free sprinkles, nuts, strawberries, banana chips, and more. Shop now for light, low-carb puddings in less than five minutes!

All Simply Delish products are 100% free-from ingredients such as artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners. But still 100% delicious. We’re even featured in the Safe Snack Guide by!


The Safe Snack Guide is an aid for parents, teachers, school nurses and administrators, club organizers… anyone responsible for people with allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, or eggs in an environment where food may be consumed in their presence.”

Want more information on how Simply Delish puddings use natural ingredients for the same great taste, guilt-free? Click here to find out.

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