Forget immunity; obesity is the No.1 consumer health concern in 2022.


Could this Simply Delish range of snacks with benefits be part of the solution to help tackle the growing obesity “pandemic”?

At Simply Delish, we know that looking after our long-term health and the associated risks of being overweight is a top priority for many of us in 2022.   

Many of us understandably increased our consumption of indulgent snacks during the challenging times of the last few years. Do the findings of a recent report, All Indulgent Products are Not Created Equal, that people of a healthy weight are less likely to choose indulgent snacks than those who are obese, mean the joyful indulgence of a delicious snack is a thing of the past?  

In our endeavor to achieve a healthy weight, do we have to say goodbye to the puddings and snacks we enjoy?  And when even the healthiest of eaters craves an indulgent treat from time to time, could these snacks with benefits from Simply Delish be part of the solution?

Delicious guilt-free desserts with Simply Delish. Tasty and Sugar-Free.

Just because a snack is indulgent doesn’t mean it can’t have wellness benefits! Because Simply Delish’s instant puddings and jels are sugar-free, keto-certified, low-carb, and plant-based, they make delicious guilt-free alternatives to traditional indulgent snacks. 

As we head back to our offices and workplaces post-Covid and are starting to look at losing the pounds gained over the last few years, we want snacks that are both tasty and delicious while having benefits that give us a guilt-free benefit.  

A recent article entitled  “Consumers looking for wellness in snacks” stated that “whatever people choose as a snack, they’ll feel less guilty about it if has some benefit for them……energy is the No1 benefit that keeps coming up in research.”  

We all know how easy it is to reach for a sugar fix when our body craves energy.  Simply Delish’s delicious puddings and jels are the sugar-free, guilt-free, energy-boosting snack you need to stave off that mid-morning sugar crash, grab after a gym workout, or simply tame your hungry monsters when they come home from school.     

Simply Delish is the world’s first Keto-certified pudding brand making it perfect for your diet – whether you’re looking for a low-carb treat to pop into your lunchbox, a healthy dessert option, or a late-night indulgent treat! Check out our top 5 healthy grab-and-go snacks

Come find something delicious for yourself or someone else at our dessert shop. Try our Plant-based Natural Strawberry Jel Desserts or our Chocolate Pudding… Or, if you can’t decide which of our healthy dessert options to choose from, try one of our variety boxes. Browse today!

A great addition to a healthy lifestyle. Our delicious puddings and Jels are so versatile.

With the trend in conscious indulgence demanding indulgent treats that are healthier in some way than the traditional versions, Simply Delish’s plant-based and non-GMO verified instant desserts and jels with their natural color, flavors, and sweetener are just the answer. 

Because Simply Delish’s Keto-Certified, plant-based, sugar-free puddings and jels are so versatile, you can create all sorts of guilt-free delicious snacks without them becoming boring! Our website is packed with all sorts of ideas, including our delicious Vegan cake recipes, keto-friendly cupcake recipes, and gluten-free cookie dough cheesecake bar recipes; the creations are endless! 

Beyond the delightful, guilt-free bowl of pudding or jel, Simply Delish puddings can be incorporated into breakfast, lunch, and dinner too. So, not only can you snack guilt-free, but you can also make your meals delicious and healthy! Why not try some of the many delicious sugar-free, plant-based, keto-certified recipes you can find on our Simply Delish website? From Keto Shrimp Tacos to Gluten-Free Crispy Orange Tofu, and Yogurt Pudding Breakfast Bowls… You can achieve your dietary dreams with Simply Delish!

World’s First Sugar-Free KETO Certified Jels and Puddings. Eat sugar-free now.

Simply Delish’s sugar-free jels and puddings are the first to achieve Keto & Ketogenic Certification.   If you’re following a low-carb Keto lifestyle, then you can enjoy our jels and puddings.  Whether you choose Keto to help shift those pounds or to help manage your diabetes, knowing that Simply Delish’s zero-sugar and delicious desserts and jels are Keto-Certified will give you the peace of mind to enjoy them guilt-free.  We proudly stand by our certifications, knowing that we are the world’s first Paleo Foundation keto-certified company.  

If you’re wondering where to start with our delicious sugar-free range, how about our build-your-own Keto box or try one of our delicious plant-based natural jels?

Natural color, flavors, and sweetener. Plant-based and Non-GMO verified. Try Simply Delish.

Healthy means natural, even when it comes to indulgent snacking.   All Simply Delish’s products are plant-based and made with natural color, flavors, and sweetener, helping you lose weight and enjoy our products guilt-free, knowing they’re good for you.

Not only are Simply Delish products non-GMO verified they are also Keto and vegan certified.  We are so proud that all our Simply Delish products are Sugar Free,  Keto, GMO-free, Vegan, Allergen Free, Kosher & Halal & that we proudly stand by them, knowing that our competitors lack these healthy claims that are so important for health-conscious consumers looking to lose weight while continuing to enjoy delicious desserts and jels  – learn more!

With so much choice available, it can be hard to know which delicious dessert to begin, so we’ve created our I Want It All variety box for you to try.

Delicious Instant Puddings by Simply Delish

With Simply Delish’s sugar-free delicious instant puddings losing weight doesn’t mean having to give up having desserts.  Because they’re sugar-free, plant-based, and keto-certified, you can satisfy those indulgent cravings without worrying about undoing all your good work.  

With a preparation time of just 2 minutes, when you fancy an indulgent dessert after dinner or a late-night snack, Simply Delish’s instant puddings will quickly satisfy you.

When only chocolate will do, how about our delicious sugar-free Keto-certified chocolate pudding? It’s fantastic on its own, but if you want to prepare something ahead of time to keep in the fridge, just in case, how about trying one of our 10 Simply Delish instant chocolate pudding recipes?   

With our instant puddings, you’ll always have something healthy to reach for!  Shop now!

Try Simply Delish

With our range of sugar-free, plant-based, and keto-friendly indulgent snacks, we’re here to help you achieve your weight loss goals – guilt-free! 

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