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5 Plant-Based Milks You Need to Try

plant-based milks

Do you love milk but considering switching to a plant-based diet? If you’re looking to make a dietary switch from cow’s milk, there are plenty of plant-based milks that are both nutritious and delicious. So many delicious and creamy plant-based kinds of milk are on the market. From coconut to almond, barley to hemp and pea, here are five plant-based milks you need to try! View our recipes here.

The Rise Of Plant-Based Milks: Nutritional Benefits And More

Plant-based milk has gained immense popularity as an alternative to traditional dairy milk in recent years. This shift in consumer preferences can be attributed to various factors, including nutritional benefits, environmental sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. In this article, we will delve into the key advantages of plant-based milk and explore what sets them apart from traditional cow’s milk.

Nutritional Benefits Of Plant-Based Milks

Before we dive in and discover the 5 best plant-based milks to use as a liquid base for Simply Delish Instant Puddings, let’s consider some of their nutritional benefits.

One of the primary reasons for the growing popularity of plant-based milks is its nutritional profile. Different types of plant-based milk offer varying levels of nutrients, but some common benefits include:

  • Rich in Vitamins and Minerals: Plant-based milk is often fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12, which are crucial for maintaining overall health. For example, almond milk is a good source of vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant and supports immune function.
  • Low in Saturated Fat: Unlike dairy milk, most plant-based milk options are low in saturated fat, making them a heart-healthy choice. Unsaturated fats found in plant-based milk can help lower bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • High in Fiber: Some plant-based milk, such as oat milk, is high in dietary fiber, which aids digestion and promotes a healthy gut. A high-fiber diet can also help regulate blood sugar levels and support weight management.
  • Lactose-Free: Plant-based milk is naturally lactose-free, making it an ideal option for lactose intolerant or having difficulty digesting lactose.
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians: Plant-based milk is made from plants, making it a suitable option for vegans and vegetarians looking to avoid animal-derived products.

5 Best Plant Based Milks To Use With Simply Delish Instant Puddings

Mixing your favorite plant-based milk with Simply Delish Instant Puddings makes for a quick, delicious, and plant-based dessert. Here is a list of plant-based milk you should consider trying and adding to your grocery list! Let’s take a look at the best kinds of milk that simultaneously satisfy your love for milk while also perfectly pairing with Simply Delish Instant Puddings.

Plant-based milks: Benefits of Coconut milk​

Benefits of Coconut milk

Coconut is one of the top plant-based milks on today’s market. However, did you know there are not one but two kinds of coconut milk? First, one form of coconut milk comes in either a carton or a bottle. This form of coconut has a thinner consistency and is great for smoothies. On the other hand, the other form of coconut milk comes in cans. The consistency of canned coconut milk is much thicker than those in cartons. This coconut is great for a delicious curry dish but also great for Simply Delish Instant Puddings

Both forms of coconut can be used with Simply Delish Pudding. However, they may yield a different consistency. You can create a delicious, plant-based chocolate mousse with canned coconut milk, while the carton coconut milk is great for a cupcake filling or to eat as is.  

Coconut milk is one of the most popular plant-based milks and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Not only is it creamy and delicious, but it’s also rich in fiber, magnesium, potassium, copper, and manganese. It’s also a great source of healthy fats like omega 3s. This makes coconut milk a great choice for those looking to boost their overall health.

Plant-based milks: Benefits of Almond Milk

Benefits of Almond Milk

Another popular plant-based milk, you can find almond milk at almost all major food retailers. You can find various forms of almond milk at your local grocery stores. From unsweetened to sweetened to vanilla to chocolate. 

It’s perfect for those who want something that tastes like traditional cow’s milk. It’s also rich in vitamin E, which helps keep skin healthy and supple. Almond milk is low in calories and has no cholesterol, making it a great choice for anyone looking to reduce their risk of heart disease.

There are so many different flavors and levels of sweetness when it comes to almond milk. But the best part of all the variety with almond milk is that you can use all these different flavors with Simply Delish Instant Puddings. 

Are you a chocolate lover and love all things chocolate? Well, imagine mixing chocolate almond milk with Simply Delish Instant Chocolate Pudding? You can satisfy your chocolate sweet tooth while keeping plant-based!

Benefits of Barley Milk

Perhaps you haven’t heard of or experienced barley milk. Well, let us tell you, it’s delicious! 

Barley milk is rather new to the market, but its rise in popularity had us curious about it. It has some amazing nutritional benefits. It contains protein, vitamins B6 and B12, magnesium, and potassium. Not only that, barley milk is also rich in soluble fiber, which helps keep you full for longer. 

Unlike other plant-based milk, barley milk’s consistency is thick. It has a similar consistency to cow milk, except it’s completely plant-based. The process of creating barley milk is unique. According to Take Two Foods, a brand that produces delicious barley milk, their goals, “upcycling the spent grain from beer brewing and turning it into delicious, nourishing, and sustainable food — thus tackling both food waste and dependence on animals for food.” 

Mixing barley milk with Simply Delish Puddings makes for a thick, creamy, and delicious plant-based dessert!  

Plant-based milks: Benefits of Hemp Milk

Benefits of Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is becoming increasingly popular and is a great source of essential fatty acids and omega 3s. It also contains beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Hemp milk has a slightly nutty flavor, making it perfect for adding to smoothies or cereals. 

You may see hemp and think “hippie milk” but hemp milk has added benefits. Aside from being plant-based, unlike barley milk, hemp milk I gluten-free. If you follow a plant-based and gluten-free lifestyle, consider adding hemp milk to your dairy-free food lineup. 

With any plant-based milk, you can create your own at home. With only three ingredients (you can add vanilla extract, berries, etc. 

For extra flavor) this recipe by the Minimalist Baker is easy, and delicious. Sit back and reap the rewards of your homemade hemp milk by mixing it with your favorite Simply Delish Instant Pudding flavor! 

Plant-based milks: Benefits of Pea Milk

Benefits of Pea Milk

Finally, the last plant-based milk that we recommend: pea! When you say pea, you probably think of the Jolly Green Giant on a can of green peas. Before you gag in disgust, pea milk is not made from green peas. 

Pea milk is a great choice for those who want to increase their daily protein intake. It’s high in essential vitamins, minerals, and plant-based proteins. Pea milk also has more calcium than cow’s milk, making it a great alternative if you’re looking to up your daily calcium intake. 

This high-protein milk is made from split yellow peas, so don’t worry. With its rise in popularity, you might also find pea milk, pea creamer, and pea yogurt. Like barley milk, pea milk has a thick consistency that pairs well with Simply Delish Instant Puddings.

Environmental Benefits of Plant-Based Milks

Another significant advantage of plant-based milk is its lower environmental impact than dairy milk. Producing plant-based milk requires less water, land, and energy, resulting in fewer greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, almond, oat, and soy milk produce significantly less water than dairy milk. Additionally, plant-based milk production doesn’t contribute to the issues of animal welfare and antibiotic use associated with the dairy industry.

Are Plant-Based Milks More Cost-Effective?

Plant-based milk can also be more cost-effective for consumers. With advancements in production methods and increased demand, plant-based milk options are becoming more affordable. In many cases, they are now priced competitively with dairy milk, making them an attractive choice for budget-conscious shoppers.

Can Plant-Based Milk Help If You Are on A Calorie Controlled Diet?

Some plant-based milk options offer lower calorie alternatives compared to whole dairy milk for those looking to cut down on calorie intake. For example, unsweetened almond milk typically contains around 30-50 calories per cup, whereas a cup of whole cow’s milk contains approximately 150 calories.

Final Thoughts on Using Plant-Based Milk

So there you have it – five plant-based milks sure to make your taste buds and overall health very happy! Whether you’re looking for something creamy and delicious or a nutritious powerhouse, there’s definitely an option here for everyone. As more people become aware of these advantages and seek healthier, more sustainable food choices, it is likely that the demand for plant-based milk will continue to grow, making it an essential part of the modern-day diet.

Switching to a plant-based lifestyle doesn’t mean you must give up on the foods and drinks you love. Finding new and delicious plant-based foods and milk is the exciting part of trying a new diet. Replacing dairy milk with plant-based milk will be beneficial to your health and the overall impact of saving our planet and protecting animals. 

So, grab your favorite plant-based milk and favorite Simply Delish Instant Pudding and enjoy an easy, delicious, plant-based dessert!