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Jel DessertsRaspberry Jel

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Get your rasberry on, pass it around till its all gone.

I guess the delicious question is – Do you like to share? Would you really pass it on?  NO! Us either so don’t feel bad as our raspberry jel is absolutely rad. Slightly sweet, slightly tart, yet so refreshing and easy to make.

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citric acid, carrageenan, natural flavor, potassium citrate, natural color, stevia extract, erythritol


carb count of simply delish jels


1. POUR jelly powder into 1/3 cup of cold water and stir until dissolved.

2. ADD 1 1/3 cups BOILING WATER and stir.

3. Place into serving dish or mold until set.

4. Allow to cool at room temperature then place in refrigerator

5. Sets in 60 Minutes

6. Then the best part – Sit back and Enjoy!

Check out our blog for video directions on How to Prepare Simply Delish Jels.

How to prepare Simply Delish Jels

12 reviews for Raspberry Jel

  1. Terry E.

    This plant-based gelatin dessert tastes so much better than the popular animal-based product. Simply Delish is fabulous.

  2. Renee F.

    My husband loves gelatin deserts. I wanted a diabetes friendly option for him. He loved the first kind I bought several years ago with xylitol in it, but doesn’t like the new formula with stevia.

  3. Janice M.

    A delicious product using Stevia for sweetener, which makes it safe for diabetics to enjoy! Thank you and please make more products such as this.

  4. Carole B.

    I’m grateful for vegan gelatin, but 3 of the 6 boxes were caked hard and difficult to dissolve, especially since the instructions said to use cold water to start. How long were they on your shelf?

  5. Helen H.

    Loved the product even tho it was a little more “thick and rubbery” than I’d like. Had a good taste. Easy and quick to make..

  6. sally c.

    Wonderful! So easy to make and is ready quickly! The flavors are so delicious and natural. Only issue I could see , it may be too firm for the infirm or children with swallowing issues. I make a batch every day or two to have as a healthy low calorie snack.

  7. sally

    The raspberry flavor is very good, with a natural raspberry flavor. I had been eating the name brand and this is much better and MUCH better for you as well!
    The consistency is more firm if prepared properly-which is a no brainer. I am on my 2nd bulk order of the jello.

  8. Bethanie

    I’m so happy to have found a gel dessert that doesn’t have chemical sweeteners or artificial dyes! Plus, it tastes great!

  9. Dawn S.

    The Powder did not dissolve well at all and there for my dessert I made did not set up.

  10. Tonya K.

    Love the texture and real fruit flavor.

  11. Tami B.

    I really enjoy this jello without sugar.

  12. Joanne S.

    I love the product and very pleased with the costumer service. I got all my order good except that I got an strawberry jelly instead of the strawberry pudding and after I notify them they sent me two strawberry jells ! Thank you!! Love it!

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