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Keto Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

Keto Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

A soft, vanilla cupcake base filled with Simply Delish Vanilla Instant pudding and topped with chocolate. These Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes are a fun take on the classic custard filled donut and they are made with keto-friendly ingredients!

5g net carbs per cupcake
Makes: 6 cupcakes

For the cupcake Butter
2 eggs
½ cup melted coconut oil
1 teaspoon sugar-free vanilla extract
1½ cups almond flour
½ cup low-carb granulated sweetener
1 teaspoon baking soda
¼ teaspoon salt
For the filling:
1-1.7oz package Simply Delish Vanilla Pudding
1¼ cups almond milk
For the chocolate topping:
¼ cup coconut butter
1 tablespoon raw cacao powder
1 teaspoon low-carb granulated sweetener

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and prepare a muffin tin with 6 cupcake liners. Mix the eggs, coconut oil, and vanilla extract in a medium bowl until a smooth consistency is formed.
Add the almond flour, sweetener, baking powder, and salt. Slowly mix to form a smooth batter.
Evenly spoon the mixture into the liners. Bake for 20 minutes, or until tops are golden brown and cupcakes are cooked through. Transfer to a wire rack and cool to room temperature.
Beat the sachet of pudding mixture into the almond milk using a handheld or electric blender for 2 minutes. Place in the refrigerator to cool and set.
Cut a small circular hole into the tops of each cupcake and slightly hollow out the centers.  Divide the vanilla pudding evenly filling the centers, then place the pieces that were cut back on top of the cupcake to cover the pudding.
Combine the coconut butter, cacao, and sweetener to form a topping. If the coconut butter is hardened, heat in a small saucepan over low heat, then whisk in the remaining ingredients until a smooth paste is formed. Before serving, spoon the chocolate mixture evenly over each cupcake. Store cupcakes at room temperature in an airtight container.

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