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What is Ultra-Filtered Milk?

When you’re in your local grocery store and you’re browsing the dairy section, you may notice that the selection of milk range far beyond just dairy and non-dairy. Not only are there different dairy and non-dairy milk, but there are also different variations on how milk is prepared. Typically, we advise you to mix our range of Instant Puddings with dairy and non-dairy milk, but what about ultra-filtered milk? This blog will outline what ultra-filtered milk is, the benefits and differences compared to other milk and different brands of ultra-filtered milk, and how to prepare it with Simply Delish Instant Puddings. 

What is ultra-filtered milk?

To simply put it, ultra-filtered milk also known as diafiltered milk, is natural milk that has not gone through any forms of filtrations that typically remove fats and solids. But let’s get into a deeper understanding of what exactly ultra-filtered milk and how it differs from typical milk. Compared to regular milk, ultra-filtered milk is higher in protein and lower in sugar. So how does ultra-filtered milk come toSpecial ultra-filtered cows that have no filter when they “MOOO” at each other? Funny, but no.

What is the process of ultra-filtered milk?

The process of creating ultra-filtered milk goes beyond just not filtering regular dairy milk.  Think of this, your typical milk is made up of sugar or lactose and water. That milk is pressed through a thin membrane which filters water and sugar and other ingredients that makeup milk. Once the natural water is removed along with the sugar, you’re left with ultra-filtered milk that is lower in sugar, higher in protein, and ultimately is lactose-free. When compared to regular milk, consumers of ultra-filtered milk say that the taste is rich and creamy, even compared to milk alternatives!   

Benefits of ultra-filtered milk 

Now that you have some insight on ultra-filtered milk, you’re probably wondering who can benefit from ultra-filtered milk. With the combination of lower sugar and higher protein, adults and children can enjoy this formula of milk. First, ultra-filtered milk is great for families who are trying to lower their sugar intake. Second, ultra-filtered milk is perfect for those with diabetes and trying to monitor the daily amount of carbohydrates. Third, if you’re trying to avoid dairy at all costs, ultra-filtered milk is great because it carries the taste and consistency of regular milk, but without the high amounts of lactose. Finally, if you’re trying to increase your overall protein intake, this form of milk is great for athletes and bodybuilders. But, at the end of the day, anyone can enjoy this low-sugar milk! 

Brands of ultra-filtered Milk 

The dairy section in your grocery store has a sea of different brands of milk and milk alternatives. It can be challenging trying to swim through the different brands and which ones to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of different brands to look for the next time you’re browsing the milk section of the grocery store.

Ultra-filtered Milk
Ultra-filtered Milk
Ultra-filtered Milk
Ultra-filtered Milk
Simply Delish Instant Pudding and Ultra-Filtered Milk 

Outside of using milk and milk alternatives, you can use ultra-filtered milk with our entire range of Instant puddings. The entire range of Simply Delish Instant Puddings are sugar-free, so mixing ultra-filtered milk which is also low in sugar, makes for a creamy, low-sugar dessert that the entire family can enjoy. Using ultra-filtered milk with our Instant Puddings creates a creamy, rich, and thick consistency. Imagine all of the different creations you can make using ultra-filtered milk! Add sugar-free powdered sugar to create a delicious chocolate frosting! Slice some delicious, ripe strawberries and bananas and create a layered strawberry pudding dessert! We could go on and on about the different ways to use Simply Delish Instant Pudding with ultra-filtered milk. However, if you plan on mixing our instant puddings with ultra-filtered milk, it’s recommended that you mix 1⅓ cup of ultra-filtered milk with one packet of any of our flavors. If you can’t finish your dessert, no worries! Stick it into your fridge for later, but be sure to enjoy it within 48 hours.  

Now that you’re an expert on ultra-filtered milk, and its benefits, it’s time to whip up some delicious, creamy Simply Delish Desserts! 


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