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KETO DIETWhat is Potato Starch?

Whether you follow a keto diet or simply interested in learning more about what potato starch is, you’re in the right place. Unlike other starches, potato starch is unique in its own way. You may be familiar with other popular starches like cake flour and all-purpose flour. However, those starches often contain gluten and are not compliant when following a keto lifestyle. This blog post will give you all the information you need on potato starch, what resistant starches are, how it’s keto-friendly, and why it’s used in Simply Delish Puddings! 

bunch of potatoes
What is potato starch?

With potato in its title, you can probably guess what this starch is derived from, potatoes! Yes, potatoes! The thing where French fries come from. Who knew French fries could also be a flour! It’s a high-binding flour, meaning that it helps bring ingredients together, and keeps them held together. Potato starch is commonly found in noodles, cakes, sauces, kosher foods for Passover, and most importantly, Simply Delish Instant Puddings! This form of starch is great when it comes to gluten-free baking, cooking, and desserts, but it also has other functions. Comparatively, this kind of starch is great for gut health.

What are resistant starches? 

Undoubtedly, potato starch is a great addition to your pantry, but it’s also great for your gut health. This kind of starch is a resistant starch! Resistant starches got their name from their unique function in the human body. When you digest this starch, your body “resists” it, hence resistant starch. And no, just because your body resists it, doesn’t mean it’s harmful. However, this starch can’t be broken down by digestion enzymes, which are made by your body. Instead, it travels to the large intestine where it nourishes your gut microbiome.  

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How are potato starches keto-friendly?  

At a glance, any person who follows a keto diet may be taken aback that potato starch is used in our desserts. One tablespoon of potato starch has 10 grams of carbs, how the HECK is that considered keto-friendly?! As we mentioned before, this kind of starch is a resistant starch and within those 10 grams of carbs, 8 of them are resistant. Meaning, your body will digest 2 grams of carbs, rather than 8, making it a keto-friendly ingredient! 

Why potato starch is used in Simply Delish Desserts? 

Simply Delish Puddings are not only mouthwatering and delicious, but they are also allergen friendly. Potato starch is a gluten-free, vegan-friendly and keto-friendly ingredient that we use to bind the ingredients in our desserts together. Along with it being an allergen-friendly ingredient, the starch in our dessert is also GMO-free. For more information on the ingredients in our desserts, head to:

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