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TIPS AND TRICKSTop 5 Healthy Snacks – Easy Grab and Go Snacks that the Whole Family Will Love

Parents want healthy snacks, kids want yummy snacks – and like most kids, tasty = sweet.

The struggle is real. Parents everywhere are looking for perfect healthy snacks that can be thrown in a purse, a cooler, a lunchbox – that they & their kids can actually EAT.

Probably a poll at any school would show that the top lunch box snacks kids desire look like this:

  • Granola bars – but they often contain added sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Chips – which are high in sodium and high calorie with no nutritional power
  • Fruit snacks – are more similar to candy, loaded down with sugar

And it’s not just kids with a sweet tooth. Americans get about 13% of their total calories from added sugars. Beverages, sweets, and snacks are the major sources.

It’s recommended that only 10% of our calories come from sugar – about 13.3 teaspoons of sugar per day. The current average in the US is 42.5 teaspoons of sugar per day. It’s not just in sweets – but added to most processed foods as well. A useful read, is Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

A healthy lifestyle

So anyone looking to live a healthy lifestyle – or might have a condition that needs to limit sugar, finds it hard to find an on-the-go snack that satisfies. We all want something that we can grab in a hurry and tastes good – whether you are craving sweet OR salty!

We’ve compiled our top five grab-and-go healthy snacks – low (or no) sugar options for the family with minimal to no prep. It’s easier to be healthy when food is quick and easy!

Our Top 5 Healthy Snacks – Grab and Go Snacks:

1. Always – fresh fruit!

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are full of fiber and antioxidants, and kids love them! Keep them washed and ready to go in the fridge. Better yet, put them in Tupperware so you can grab and go quickly. Apples and oranges are a breeze – no prep required!

2. Healthy trail mix made at home

Ready-made trail mix is packed with sodium – and often with sugar too. Make your own mix ahead of time, and you can control the portions and add in healthy options like peanuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds. Skip the chocolate and instead add a few dried cranberries.

3. Chocolate Sugar-Free Keto Pudding from Simply Delish

This is the perfect option for anyone looking for a sweet treat but might have allergies, are diabetic, or suffer from celiac. But it’s also perfect for anyone who is just looking to tame a sweet tooth without the guilt.

Plus – it’s ideal for kids because it’s so delicious that they won’t know it’s sugar-free and plant-based!

The delightful rich chocolate is so decadent that you wouldn’t know it’s made with natural flavors, colors & sweeteners.

4. Beef Jerky

It used to get a bad rap, but beef jerky is packed with protein, so it’s an excellent on-the-go snack to really fill you up. Added plus, there are many good minerals like zinc, iron, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and folate, making it great for low-carb and paleo diets, too.

5. Veggies and Hummus

You can buy prepackaged hummus and baby carrots. Or, plan ahead and pack small tubs of hummus and cut up some peppers or cucumbers, and stock them in the fridge. A satiating and filling option for protein that vegans and vegetarians can enjoy.

There you have it! Just a little planning and shopping, and you can stock your kitchen with grab-and-go options that the whole family can get behind. Healthy snacks that aren’t just good for you but delicious too!

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