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TIPS AND TRICKS8 Summertime Popsicle Recipes

June 20th marks the start of the summer season, which means sunshine, fresh air, and POPSICLES! There’s nothing quite like sitting by a pool, or ocean on a hot summer day and enjoying a delish popsicle. Luckily, Simply Delish Instant Puddings and Jel Desserts make for a mouth-watering popsicles recipe. Keep it vegan-friendly by mixing one of the pudding flavors with plant-based milk or mix the Orange Jel with cream to make a quick, easy and healthy creamsicle. We’ve brought together the top popsicles recipes that we know you’ll just love and continue making throughout the summer season.

Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles by @ketodashapril

Does any else hear the sound of an ice cream truck coming down the street when they think of Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles? This nosologic popsicle is a fan favorite and oh so delicious! April of @ketodashapril, recreated this recipe using Simply Delish Vanilla Pudding and Simply Delish Strawberry Jel.

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Keto Chunky Monkey Pudding Popsicles by

The infamous combination of banana and chocolate! Together, the two go hand in hand, especially on a hot summer day! Soumary of created this tasty popsicle which features Simply Delish Vegan Banana Pudding! This kid-approved treat is a hit by the poolside.

Lime-sicles by @ketoqueent

Tracy of @ketoqueent created this mouth-watering recipe that features Simply Delish Lime Jel. This recipe is not only tasty, it only requires 3-ingredients! Yes, you read that right! To create this recipe, Tracy used Simply Delish Lime Jel, Choczero chocolate, and yogurt! How simple!

Keto Pistachio Cakesicles by @ddukes_keto_soccermom

Is your mouth-watering, because ours is! This keto popsicle recipe was created with leftover cupcakes and then turned into this masterpiece of a popsicle. Daisy of @ddukes_keto_soccermom, created mind-blowing keto recipes and love to incorporate Simply Delish Desserts into them. These keto pistachio cakesicles feature Simply Delish Vanilla Pudding and other fun, keto-friendly ingredients!

Banana Matcha Latte Popsicles by @ketocanasian

The talented Lorraine of @ketocanasian created this AMAZING banana popsicle recipe! Lorraine simply mixed and froze Simply Delish Banana Pudding in molds. She then melted a chocolate peanut butter fat bomb and dipped the edges of the popsicle in it. She then added some matcha latte coconut chips to them for added flavor!

Vegan Creamsicles by @klean.kate

Creamsicles are the pinnacle summertime treat! This easy-to-make creamsicle recipe was created by Kate of @klean.kate. Kate created this two-ingredient recipe that features Simply Delish Vanilla Pudding and Simply Delish Orange Jel which is paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, vegan-friendly, gluten-free!

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Keto Peach Popsicles by @its_keto_sis

On a pinch? Need an easy-to-make, healthy popsicle recipe? Well, you’ve found the right one! Rachel of @its_keto_sis, created this easy, keto-friendly peach popsicle recipe! Rachel simply made a batch of Simply Delish Peach Jel and froze them in these fun, cactus-shaped molds!

Keto Vanilla Coffee Popsicles by @paleoprettygirl

Popsicles for breakfast? Say no more! Cynthia of @paleoprettygirl, created these keto-friendly Vanilla Coffee Popsicles!

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