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How Jake Sikora Changed His Life with WW

We sat down with Jake Sikora, a WW ambassador whose enthusiasm and positive outlook on life is infectious! Jake opens up about his WW journey, overcoming obstacles, advice, and how Simply Delish has made an impact on his life.
We are so thrilled to feature Jake’s story in the first many interview-style blogs! Check out this awesome interview and be sure to follow Jake on Instagram (linked down below)!
jake sikora interview
When did your WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) / journey begin?

I started my journey February 28, 2017. I reached Lifetime status (reaching my goal weight & maintained for 6 weeks)  August 20, 2019.

jake sikora interview
As a WW ambassador, how has the journey been from the day you started until today?

My journey has pretty much stayed the same. I am just honored that WW has highlighted my wellness journey as reflective of living a healthy lifestyle.

If any, what are some obstacles you’ve had to overcome and how do you stay positive?

A lot of obstacles I had to overcome were internal with my mindset. I realized that it started with me. I had to show myself love and making my wellness a priority is not selfish. I stay positive because the positives are typically what I take for granted. To ensure I look at the positives and keeping a positive attitude is showing myself and the world gratitude.

Walk us through what you make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Breakfast: 2 egg veggie omelette, air fried potatoes, banana, and coffee.

Lunch: Veggie burger with spicy brown mustard on light wheat bread on top of spinach, celery & carrots with hummus, and an apple.

Dinner: whole wheat pasta with organic marinara sauce with meatless meatballs, side salad, and sprouted bread

jake sikora
How do you incorporate fitness into your everyday life?

I workout 6 days a week. It’s a mix of cardio, weightlifting, and core. I’m an avid runner. I’ve run 44 races since 2017 and signed up for my first full marathon this year. I also am a big fan of barre classes.

Who are your foodie inspirations that you look up to?

This may sound cheesy but my foodie inspirations are my paternal Polish grandmother who made things from scratch and love. The other inspiration is my maternal grandfather who worked as a chef by trade.

What are your favorite recipes to create?

My favorite recipes are things that are easy & sustainable. I view that with fitness as well. You want recipes that allow you the flexibility to be consistent.

What impact has Simply Delish Desserts made in your life?

Simply Delish Desserts have been amazing. I’m a Flexitarian (mainly plant-based) and lactose intolerant so these Simply Delish Desserts have helped aligned with my wellness journey.

Vegan Sugar Free Probiotic Black Cherry Jel
What is your favorite Simply Delish flavor?

The best flavor at this point has been the Black Cherry Jel.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about WW ?

I have tried many methods on my wellness journey. WW gives me the tools, support, and community to make the program work for me. There is no food that is off-limits. The flexibility alone is what made it successful for me and many others.

What are your go-to words of advice for anyone reading this?

Remember you are a priority in your life so your health and wellness should be a priority. Also, we are all perfectly imperfect so don’t ever be afraid to make mistakes because that’s how we learn and grow. Keep pushing forward.

Keep up with Jake’s journey and follow him on his Instagram!👇

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