Wow, what a thrilling week! Everyone at Simply Delish is so excited to announce the launch of our newest pudding flavor, BANANA! We’ve been listening to everyone’s opinions on the next flavor and we couldn’t be more excited to add this delicious flavor to our range! Our banana pudding flavor is perfect in so many ways! This blog post will introduce to you our newest flavor and some fun Simply Delish banana pudding-based recipes! Grab your spoons and get ready because every day is a dessert day!
Simply Delish Banana Pudding

Just like the other flavors in our range of pudding, banana pudding is not only delicious but allergen-friendly as well. Unlike other brands of pudding, Simply Delish banana pudding is keto-friendly, vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, and sugar-free! Yes, all of our desserts are plant-based meaning there’s absolutely no-gelatin in them!
How to Make Simply Delish Banana Pudding

If you’re wondering how to prepare our banana pudding, it’s simple, fast and you only need two ingredients! As shown above, in under five minutes, you’ll have a creamy, smooth, and delicious banana treat.

Are you ready to make some delicious pudding? Beat 1 packet of banana pudding into 2 cups of milk (or 1¼ cups of milk substitute: almond, soy, coconut milk, or any other plant-based milk) while using a handheld or electric beater for 2 min. Pour into a serving dish and allow to stand for 5 minutes. For a delicious hot pudding – heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. The pudding will be smooth and creamy and ready to eat. Delicious as a filling when mixed with cream/non-dairy cream.

Simply Delish Banana Pudding Recipes

Hey! It’s okay, we completely support the idea of going completely bananas over our banana pudding flavor! In doing so, here’s a fun recipes that feature Simply Delish banana pudding! 

For more Simply Delish recipes, head over to our recipe pages + Instagram!
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Vegan Knock-off Blizzard: Banana Split Flavor

Remember those childhood memories of Dairy Queen Blizzards on a hot, summer day? Recreate those same memories with this healthy, vegan Knock-off Banana Split Blizzard featuring Simply Delish banana pudding!
Print Rate
Prep Time: 10 mins
Setting Time: 1 d
Total Time: 1 d 10 mins
Servings: 2 Large Blizzards


Banana Pudding

  • 2 small bananas, frozen (+1 more banana to mix in)
  • 1 scoop dairy-free vanilla bean ice cream
  • 1 packet Simply Delish Banana Pudding
  • cups oat milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • dash cinnamon
  • pinch salt

Health Nilla Wafers

  • cup + 2 tbsp almond flour⁣
  • cup coconut flour⁣
  • 3 tbsp melted coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • pinch salt


Healthy Nilla Wafers

  • Combine all ingredients. ⁣
  • Bake at 350° Fahrenheit for 18 minutes.⁣

Banana Pudding

  • Whisk Simply Delish Instant Pudding Mix with oat milk. ⁣
  • Add in the extra banana (sliced), crush ⅔ of the nilla wafers and fold to combine. 
  • Freeze 3 hours minimum. ⁣
  • Top with remaining ⅓ nilla wafers.

Banana pudding is a fun, delicious flavor that can be made into so many different desserts. From pies to smoothies to cakes, the tasty possibilities are endless! CLICK HERE to shop our banana pudding!

With your car keys in hand and Simply Delish on the mind, you’re thinking where can you buy your healthy dessert fix aka where to buy Simply Delish? Simply Delish desserts could be around the corner from your house and you may not even know it! Whether it comes from around the corner or from our warehouse in San Diego, your sweet tooth will get fixed in no time! This blog post will give you the information you need on where to buy Simply Delish pudding and Jel!
United States

Did you know that our desserts can be found in leading health and natural food stores throughout the U.S.? Depending on where you live, you may find our desserts in both local small and large health food stores. If you don’t see a familiar store, don’t worry! Be sure to use our store locator to find a store near you that carries Simply Delish. Since there are so many stores throughout the U.S. that carry Simply Delish, we can’t fit them all in one blog post. Instead, here are a few major retailers with Simply Delish on their shelves:

  1. Whole Foods
  2. Sprouts
  3. Wegmans
  4. Busch’s Fresh Food Market
  5. Mom’s Organic Market
  6. Mother’s Market & Kitchen
  7. Plum Market
  8. Oliver’s Market

Outside of the U.S., our delicious desserts can be found on the shelves of leading supermarkets and health food stores throughout Canada. From the shelves to your kitchen, Simply Delish is a staple in households everywhere! Trade-in those high-sugar desserts for a sweet-tasting, sugar-free dessert! Now that you have pudding and jels on the mind, here’s a list of some of the major Canadian retailers that have Simply Delish. 

  1. Loblaws
  2. Natura Market (online store)
  3. Ambrosia Natural Foods
  4. Organic Garage
  5. Nature’s Emporium
Store Locator

If you’re unsure of where to find our desserts, don’t hesitate to use our helpful store finder. Simply type in your zip code and browse the local stores that may carry our jels and puddings! The possibility of having Simply Delish for dessert tonight is a definite possibility! Click the link below to find a store near you!

>> Simply Delish: Store Locator 


If you are outside of both the U.S. and Canada and simply cannot live without Simply Delish in your life, don’t worry! As a matter of fact, you can have Simply Delish with just a click of a button! iHerb offers top-rated healthy products; with discount shipping and unbelievable values. But the best part of iHerb is that they carry Simply Delish Jel and Pudding desserts! How perfect! Remember that one click of a button? Well, it’s right here!

>> Shop


At last, you’ve browsed your local stores near and far and yet, have been coming up Simply Delish-less. Don’t you worry! We have the means to get Simply Delish to your kitchen counter, safely, and timely! We take pride in our fast shipping times and getting our desserts to you in the quickest way possible! Grab your virtual shopping cart, and shop all of our readily available desserts through our personal storefront. Click the link below to start shopping today!

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Ahh, pudding. That rich, creamy, and delicious dessert. Simply Delish Pudding is a fan favorite! It’s super quick and easy to make Simply Delish Pudding. Our pudding collection features four tasty flavors that can be made in five minutes. Yes, you read that right, FIVE MINUTES! This keto-friendly dessert is quick and easy. However, when it comes time to mix the two ingredients, we recommend you use a hand mixer! Surprisingly, our pudding is allergen-friendly! Each flavor in our range is:

  • vegan-friendly
  • sugar-free
  • gluten-free
  • plant-based
  • nut-free
  • gelatin-free

Equally important, our range is NON-GMO, and features natural colors and flavors! Phew, that was a long list! In this blog post, you will learn how easy it is to mix Simply Delish Pudding!

How To Make Simply Delish Pudding

Looking to make a thick, creamy, sugar-free Pudding? Learn how to make our mouthwatering puddings in just five mintes!



Cook Time: 5 mins
Total Time: 5 mins
Servings: 4 per container
Calories: 30kcal


  • 1 packet Simply Delish Pudding any flavor
  • 2 cups milk, or 1¼ cups milk substitute: almond, soy, coconut milk or any other plant-based milk


  • Beat 1 packet into 2 cups of milk (or 1¼ cups for milk substitute: almond, soy, coconut milk or any other plant-based milk) using hand held or electric beater for 2 min.
  • Pour into serving dish and allow to stand for 5 minutes.
  • For a delicious hot pudding – heat in microwave for 30 seconds.



Serving: 12g | Calories: 30kcal | Carbohydrates: 9g | Protein: 1g | Sodium: 280mg
Simply Delish and Milk Substitute

“It was easy to make and it set perfectly fine with coconut milk!” Fans of Simply Delish love the fact that our pudding collection is plant-based and vegan-friendly when mixed with a milk-substitute. For instance, you can use any one of your favorite coconut, oat, and almond milk to create a creamy dessert. In order for the best results, use a handheld beater or an electric when mixing. Who knew you can make Simply Delish Pudding delicious and vegan-friendly!?

Simply Delish Keto Friendly vegan Vanilla Pudding
Simply Delish Keto Friendly vegan Strawberry Pudding
Simply Delish Keto Friendly vegan chocolate Pudding
Simply Delish Keto Friendly vegan Banana Pudding
Different Ways To Use Simply Delish Pudding

Fans love how versatile our Pudding is! There are so many clever and delicious ways to use our pudding. Meanwhile, chefs and bakers love to use our Pudding in cake fillings, pie fillings, and cookies. In that case, check out these fun recipes that use Simply Delish Pudding:

For More Recipes and Tips

For more inspiration and creations, head over to our Instagram or check out this blog post, 8 Ways to Use Simply Delish

>> Simply Delish Pudding Recipes

>> To shop our complete Pudding collection, click here.

In this blog post, you will learn how easy it is to mix Simply Delish Jel! Our Jel is so incredibly easy to make. Firstly, it only takes a few short steps to create a Simply Delish Dessert. With only two ingredients needed, this dessert is fast, easy, and delicious. Unlike other brands, Simply Delish Jel is a great plant-based option. Secondly, our Jels set without gelatin derived from meat products. Sweetened with Stevia, our Jels are Sugar-Free making for an uncomplicated diabetic diet dessert. Most importantly, in under 60 minutes, you’ll be enjoying a guilt-free dessert!

How To Make Simply Delish Jel

Looking to make a refreshingly delicious natural Jel dessert? Learn how to make our mouthwatering jels in just 60mins!


Prep Time: 5 mins
Setting Time: 1 hr
Total Time: 1 hr 5 mins
Servings: 4 per container
Calories: 6kcal


  • cup water, cold
  • 1 packet Simply Delish Jel   any flavor!
  • 1⅓ cup water, boiling


  • Pour Jel powder into ⅓ cup of COLD water and stir until dissolved.
  • Add 1⅓ cups BOILING water and stir.
  • Place into serving dish or mold until set.
  • Allow to cool at room temperature then place in refrigerator
  • Sets in 60 Minutes.
  • Then the best part – Sit back and Enjoy! 



Serving: 5g | Calories: 6kcal | Carbohydrates: 4g | Sodium: 21mg

Simply Delish Jels are the perfect dessert for everyone in the family. This kid-approved dessert is a great afternoon snack or the dessert of choice for the next birthday party. More importantly, our range of Jels comes in six tasty flavors!

Vegan Pre-Surgery Treat

In one bite, Simply Delish Jel will bring you back to those childhood memories. The texture of our Jels will remind you of that favorite after-dinner dessert. With a dollop of whipped cream or Coolwhip, you will satisfy any sweet tooth! Meanwhile, our Jels are great for surgery or colonoscopy prep. You can even substitute fruit juice for water to create a juicy pre-surgery treat!

Sugar Free Orange Jel
Sugar Free Vegan Lime Jel
Sugar Free Vegan Peach Jel
Sugar Free Vegan Raspberry Jel
Sugar Free Vegan strawberry jel
Vegan Sugar Free Probiotic Black Cherry Jel

In conclusion, our Jels have become a family-favorite dessert. Parents and children love the simplicity and healthy, plant-based ingredients in our desserts. To shop our complete Jel collection, click here.

For More Recipes and Tips

For more inspiration and creations, head over to our Instagram or check out this blog post, 8 Ways to Use Simply Delish

>> Simply Delish Jel Recipes

Have you ever caught your child in moments of pure excitement and joy? Maybe they just dug their little hands into a pile of dirt? Or were they gulping down spaghetti with noodles dangling all over their face? Or pouring sand all over their recently-dressed and previously-tidy bodies?

When my first daughter was little, I wondered why she was always so happy to be messy when I was trying so hard to keep her clean.

This got me thinking: why was this bringing her so much joy? What got her so engaged?  Then I came across a term I hadn’t heard before: Sensory Play.

What is Sensory Play?

Now mind you, this was almost 9 years ago, but even now the idea doesn’t get as much publicity as I think it should.

Sensory play is really exactly what it sounds like: a child engaging with their senses, neurons firing on all cylinders with new experiences. Sights, smells, tastes, textures, sounds. Sure, it’s great fun, but the magic is in what it can do for your child.
Benefits of Sensory Play

There are a handful of benefits to sensory play. It can assist in language development, motor skill improvement, and building nerve connections in the brain. It can also help and encourage the development of problem-solving skills.

Sounds easy, right? Well, it actually can be.

Take for example the dirt, mud, or mulch you have around your yard. Match those natural elements up with any beach toys for scooping, digging, and filling. This is an easy way for your child to have a sensory experience. Low cost too, as most of us, would have these things around the house.

Vegan Sugar Free Instant Vanilla Pudding
Sugar Free Vegan Instant Strawberry Pudding
Vegan Sugar Free Instant Chocolate Pudding
Vegan Sugar Free Instant Banana Pudding

Simply Delish Puddings make for great, tasty pudding paint!

Pudding Paint

Pudding paint is also a simple but fun project. First, make the Simply Delish pudding as per the directions on the box. Then pour on a safe plate or into a shallow container. Now give the babe a piece of paper and let them go to town! They do more eating than painting in my experience, but so worth it! Do it outside in nice warm weather is best for less mess and easy cleanup.

Kerri Rubicini girls having fun in a Jel Dig!

Kerri Rubicini girls enjoying a fun  Jel Dig!

Jel Dig

Jel dig is just as easy and equally as fun. To set up this sweet activity, gather some hard plastic toys and utensils; the more colorful the items, the better. Place them inside a shallow container. Prepare the Simply Delish Jel as per instructions and pour it into the shallow container. When the Jels are set, let the fun begin! Allow the baby or child to explore the Jel texture (and taste some too!). If they are old enough, provide scoops, rakes, and tongs to remove the items from the Jel. This also makes it a great fine motor skill activity for toddlers.

In conclusion, amazing sensory experiences can be created easily at home with just a few key things. You don’t need to spend much!

So before you go cleaning up that mess your child is delving into, let it be. Let them get messy. Let them play. Their little brains will thank you for it when they’re older.

~Kerri Rubicini is a stay at home mom to three girls that live in Kitchener, Ontario.

She is also the owner of KW Moms Club that features baby, toddler, and sensory classes. You can find out more about her and the programs offered
at or @kwmomsclub on Instagram

Picture this; you at the grocery store, product in hand, and asking yourself, “what exactly are these ingredients?” You may have asked yourself that same question while reading an ingredient called Stevia. In 2016, the Simply Delish updated the already amazing formula by using the plant-based sweetener called stevia. Stevia changed the game for Simply Delish desserts, making them a guilt-free and sugar-free dessert option. This blog includes information on Stevia, it’s benefits, uses, and a fun recipe! 

What is Stevia?!

Stevia a plant-based sweetener sugar substitute that is 100 times sweeter than your average table sugar. But where exactly does stevia come from? With over 150 different types of stevia, this intense natural sweetener is native to North and South America. With the rise in popularity, stevia plants can be purchased at local gardening centers and enjoyed at home. 

There is a fascinating process that turns the leaf of the stevia plant into a sugar substitute. First, you cut the leaves off of the stevia plant and allow them to dry. Then, the leaves sit in a bath of very hot water and then strained. It takes roughly 40 steps to complete this process and ultimately resulting in a stevia leaf extract!

You don’t have to worry about calorie intake when using Stevia. Stevia is classified as “zero-calorie” meaning that the calorie amount is so low per serving that can be considered zero-calorie! Consumers say that this natural, low-calorie sweetener is a great, healthy alternative for everyone!

Benefits of Stevia

There are so many amazing benefits to using stevia instead of any other sweeteners. Depending on the amount you consume daily,  stevia can aid you and your body in many beneficial ways.

Stevia is safe for children

Forget about those artificial sweeteners that you find in your children’s snacks and foods! Stevia is a great natural plant-based sweetener, especially for children. Artificial sweeteners can contribute to cardiovascular disease and obesity. In addition, these sweeteners are high in calories excessive and have large amounts of added sugar. Compared to other brands whose products are higher in calories and have way too much added sugar, Simply Delish is sugar-free! Simply Delish jels and puddings are a great low cal and sugar-free dessert option for children.

For more information on the ingredients we use in our range of desserts, check out our FAQ!

Stevia + Diabetes says, “29.1 million people in the United States have diabetes, and more than one in every 10 adults who are 20 years or older has diabetes.” Stevia intake has shown no effect on blood glucose or insulin response. This is perfect for those on a diabetic diet. Simply Delish jels and puddings cater to those with specialty diets. Everyone can enjoy the flavors of their favorite foods and desserts!

However, there are factors that lead to weight gain and obesity. Lack of exercise, poor diet, and foods that are high in calories and sugars can be harmful. 

Stevia is Vegan!

Yes! Since Stevia is from plants, those who’ve adopted a vegan lifestyle can enjoy this compliant sweetener. Stevia can be used in a wide range of recipes, from your daily cup of coffee to a delicious vegan strawberry cake from My Quiet Kitchen featuring Simply Delish Strawberry Jel!

 In conclusion, stevia is a great addition to your pantry and your favorite products! Since stevia is low in calories and sugar, it is compliant in anyone’s new diet and change in lifestyle!
Hearing the words plant-based and vegan, you may think that the two diets are very similar in the sense that they only eat products that are made with all plant-based ingredients. However, there is a difference between plant-based and vegan and with the rise in both diets, this blog post will help define the two and how they differ from one another.
Is plant-based the same as vegan?

Plants are making their way into American diets and become a staple in their lifestyle. Since 2004, the Ipsos Retail Performance group has conducted an ongoing survey asking Americans about turning plant-based. Over the 15-year period, 9.7 million people have adopted a vegan diet. That means, people are clearing their plates of meat and seafood, and loading up on veggies, fruits, and grains. But what is the difference between a vegan diet and a plant-based diet?

You know that old saying, “what came first? The chicken or the egg?” The same idea can be said for a plant-based diet and a vegan diet. Well, the plant-based diet began with the help of the vegan diet, so technically veganism came first, then plant-based.

First, the term plant-based refers to a person’s diet alone. That means, that individuals’ personal diet, rather than a collective diet. A plant-based diet refers to a diet that is primarily plant-based. However, individuals who are plant-based will also include animal-derived products in their lifestyle which includes clothing, shoes, accessories, or household goods. 


Being vegan is a lifestyle change, rather than a simple change in your diet. Veganism embraces the idea of avoiding the consumption of all and any animals or animal-derived products. This includes vegan clothes, vegan shoes, and vegan household cleaners. Aside from products that are derived from animals, vegans will stray away from all products that have been tested on animals.

What foods can you eat on a plant-based diet vs vegan diet?

Primarily, a vegan diet and a plant-based diet are allowed to eat grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and SIMPLY DELISH! In other words, the two diets differ when it comes to meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, and lifestyle factors. A vegan diet restricts those items whereas a plant-based diet chooses whether they want to restrict those items or not.

How can Simply Delish be Vegan and Plant-Based?

Simply Delish jels and puddings are great for everyone, including those who follow a plant-based or vegan diet. You might be wondering, how is that possible since the two are considered different? The ingredients in our range of desserts are free of animal-derived products such as animals, fish, and dairy. Those who follow a plant-based diet or vegan diet can enjoy our desserts knowing that they are free from animal-derived products. Here’s the bigger question, what kind of vegan dessert recipes and plant-based desserts recipes are you going to use? Check out this recipe for a kick-start of inspiration! 

What About Your Facility?

Even the facility that produces our desserts is completely dairy-free and is approved by major food auditors! Not to mention, the facility that our product is produced in has strict cleaning, sanitation & allergen measures in place to prevent cross-contamination. So no need to worry when you’re creating your next plant-based recipe! No animals were involved in the making! 

Overall, if making the switch to a plant-based or vegan diet is something you’ve been considering, ease into it! Start off by planning ahead and dedicated two days to eating plant-based or vegan. Then increase the number of days each week. One of the great things about choosing a plant-based or vegan diet is that you don’t have to give up the foods you once loved! There are plenty of plant-based products! Restaurants, bakeries, even fast-food companies offer great vegan and plant-based options! Along with books, podcasts, and blogs, there is plenty of online support and educational resources. So, why wait?

Take a second to think about how many different ways you can use Simply Delish? Of course, you can simply mix water or milk and have yourself a bowl of pudding or jel, but Simply Delish puddings and jel go beyond just the delightful, guilt-free bowl of pudding or jel. Simply Delish can be incorporated into breakfast, lunch, and dinner, from sunrise to sunset! Simply Delish range of  jels and puddings are not only delicious but Simply Delish is:

✩ Keto-Friendly ⁣

✩ Sugar-Free ⁣

✩ Gluten-Free ⁣

✩ Low-Cal

✩ Vegan⁣-Friendly

✩ Fat-Free⁣

✩ GMO-Free⁣

✩ Nut-Free⁣

Vegan cake recipes, keto-friendly cupcakes recipes, gluten-free brownie recipes, the creations are endless! Simply Delish goes above and beyond, Simply Delish jels and puddings can be paired with alcohol, a great additive to proteins such as collagen, added to your favorite cake, brownie and cupcake recipes.

Creating Recipes using Simply Delish

From sunup to sundown, Simply Delish can be incorporated into your everyday meal decisions, check it out!




href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>A post shared by Shivani ✨Food.Travel.Lifestyle (@doseofshivs) on

We LOVE this idea and IMMEDIATELY wanted to share it with you! Grapes are a great snack and are packed with nutrients such as Vitamin C and K. Dose of Shivs found a fun way of combining grapes and Simply Delish jel to make snack parents and kids can create and enjoy together!

Fun fact: “Grapes are a delicious and healthy snack. They are packed with nutrients, vitamins C & K, antioxidants and help with overall wellness benefits!”



A post shared by Keto Vibes (@itsaketovibe) on

If you’re riding the keto wave, these muffins are keto-friendly but add a little frosting and BOOM! You have cupcakes! This muffin recipe features a gooey, strawberry core featuring Simply Delish strawberry pudding. Cut the muffin in half and watch the wave of strawberry pudding fall out the core!




A post shared by Ronda-Gluten Free Keto🇨🇦 (@bunny_hopps76) on

Wanna know the secret to instantly put a smile on someone’s face? WAFFLES! This beautiful creation is keto-friendly and features Simply Delish Vanilla pudding. Surprise someone with a smile and start their day with a stack of these tasty waffles.



A post shared by Raising Rhys (@raising_rhys_) on

Special occasions are fun, you’re gathered with friends and family, sharing laughs and enjoying food and yummy desserts. If you’re on dessert duty for your next event, Simply Delish has your back! Whether it’s cakes, cupcakes, cookies popcorn, popsicles, or brownies, here’s a list of different recipes featuring Simply Delish.

Peach Date Bites created by, Simply Basil

Keto Raspberry Cheesecake Candy Electrolytes created by Joyce The Keto Cake Lifter

Strawberry Shortcake Popcorn created by, Marissa

Vegan Strawberry Cake created by Lori from My Quiet Kitchen

Maple Cream Peanut Butter Cookies created by, Francine Bourget

Chocolate Chip Strawberry Keto Cupcakes created by, Francine Bourget

Double Chocolate Chip Pudding Brownies created by, The Ketodashians



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Ahhh, smoothies. So refreshing, satisfying, and often a healthy snack in between meals or as a meal replacement. The great thing about smoothies is that you can eliminate waste and throw in whatever you have in your kitchen or any ingredients such as fruits or berries that may be in the beginning stages of going stale. Better yet, you can add Simply Delish pudding to your smoothie as an extra flavor and as a thickening agent! For your next smoothie, we dare you to put your creativity to the test and explore the different ways to jazz up your smoothie!



@simplydelishdessertsSimply Delish 101: How to Make Jel Shots! ##simpydelish ##recipe ##simplydelishrecipe ##simplydelishjel ##glutenfreerecipes ##sugarfreedessert ##dessert♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup

Remember that one Lil’ Jon song where he repeatedly yelled “shots” multiple times? That’s right, we’re talking shots people, and not just regular shots, JEL SHOTS! When combined with any flavor of SImply Delish Jel, you can create vegan or gluten-free friendly jel shots of an upcoming party or event. Get creative and stack different flavors to create an eye-catching, yet tasty jel shot!



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The staple dessert of many family gatherings. A flaky, buttery crust, accompanied by a delicious filling, and a dollop of ice cream, the pie is always a fan favorite. Pies are great and their fillings can be extremely versatile!  If you’re in a rush and need a homemade dessert, consider this three-ingredient dessert! All you need is store-bought pie crust, any Simply Delish jel or pudding, and cool whip for a topping! In no less than 10 minutes and no more than 60, you’ll have the PERFECT pie. Check out these great pie recipes featuring Simply Delish!

Chocolate Pie created by,  Oh My Keto
Jello Strawberry Cheesecake created by, Tarte & Bean co.


A post shared by Alli (@healthyhungryalli) on

When the sun comes up and your stomach starts to rumble, this grab and go pudding oatmeal mason cup recipe is quick, easy, fulfilling, and can be prepared gluten-free or vegan. We love how Alli of Healthy Hungry Alli incorporates sweet and healthy all into one bowl!

Every year, it seems as though you hear of these “fad diets,” that everyone seems to be talking about. These fad diets are sometimes unrealistic, over the top, and aren’t easy to keep as an overall lifestyle change. I mean, who wants to drink pepper and lemon juice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Yeah, not too many of us. Recently, you may have heard or read about the keto diet. Keto? What the heck is kee-toe? We made it simple and created a guide on which foods to avoid on the keto diet and which foods to eat on the keto diet!

What is Keto?

This diet is powered with the help of fats, rather than carbs and protein, so you won’t find grains, beans, fruits, and starchy vegetables on a keto devotee’s plate. Each day, you want your intake to consist of:

  • 70-75% Fat
  • 20-25% Protein
  • 5-10% Carbohydrates

If you’re asking yourself, “what’s the point with all that fat?” well, here’s why. The overall goal of the diet is ketosis. Ok, now words are just being tossed around.. ketosis?! Yup, ketosis, it is an actual thing. Through fat metabolism, your body enters a ketogenic state. Instead of your body using carbohydrates for fuel and energy, it essentially uses fat. These fats are converted into ketones, which help keep you energized!


What are Keto-Friendly Foods?

With all of this keto, ketosis, ketogenic lingo sorted, it’s time to talk about the good stuff, FOOD! If you’re like the majority, you want to know what you can eat and what you can’t eat while on a diet. Here’s a list of foods you should eat while on the keto diet!



Good ol’ eggs, that go-to staple for breakfast. From fried to boiled, to poached to scrambled, these little things are so versatile and there are so many gratifying keto recipes that feature eggs.



Remember, you don’t need a whole lot of protein on this diet. Eating too much protein will make it harder for your body to get into ketosis.



Fish, shellfish and everything in between is great for the keto diet, especially salmon. Grilling or simply baking fish along with slices of lemon is a flavorful option, but avoid any breading, which typically contains carbs.



When choosing vegetables, be sure to go for leafy, green vegetables that are grown above ground. Avocados, zucchini, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, bell peppers are great choices that provide you with loads of “good keto fats.” However, avoid vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and onions.



But don’t go nuts over nuts! In moderation, nuts can be a great additive to salads but be careful when snacking, it’s easy to get a little carried away. We hate to discriminate, but some nuts are better than others. For example, cashews are higher in carbohydrates then pecans or macadamia nuts.



Again, moderation is key when it comes to raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and other kinds of juicy berries. Adding berries to one of our jels or puddings make for a compliant, treat that’ll satisfy any keto sweet tooth. Check out this keto-friendly gummy bear recipe!


Which Foods Should You Avoid on Keto-Friendly Foods? 

Now that you’re up to date with different keto-friendly foods, here a guide to foods that you shouldn’t eat while on the keto diet.



Avoid! As much as you may enjoy a big bowl of pasta, cooked pasta should be avoided at all costs. Along with pasta, rice, bread, and beer should a thing of your past, just like that ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.



As sweet as they may be, fruits should be limited in your diet. Bananas, apples, oranges, pears have got to go!


Junk Food

Ok, you’d be lying if you said you’ve never indulged in some junk food here and there. Yeah, they may be great during the moment, but they are not beneficial for you, your body, and health, hey kinda like that ex from earlier! Soda, juice, candy bars, candy, and donuts are all high in carbs and added sugar.


So, what’s the hype all about?

The keto diet has been proven to be beneficial for children with epilepsy. Keto devotees have reported improvements in concentration, blood pressure and it also lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. Some have credited the diet saying it helped shed pounds, burned more calories, and reduced the feeling of hunger.


Written by,

Stephanie Robinson


Have you recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease or think you may have autoimmune symptoms? Don’t worry, you are not alone! It might be overwhelming at first to have to switch to a gluten-free lifestyle, but don’t fret. This post offers five tips you need on living with celiac disease as well a delicious, gluten-free products!   

1. Speak to a dietitian

Firstly, after being diagnosed with Celiac, it is important to meet with a dietitian who can guide you into a gluten-free lifestyle, as well as suggest new eating habits to help improve your overall wellbeing. This is the most important tip in this post because you need to make sure you are nourishing your body properly and getting everything you need to be healthy!  


2. Don’t forget to exercise

Navigating a gluten-free lifestyle might be overwhelming and scary to some. Adding fitness to your daily routine will not only help you feel better and motivate you to heal, but it can correct some of the secondary symptoms of Celiac Disease. Osteoporosis is a common result of Celiac. Secondly, adding in weight exercises to your routine can also help build a better muscle-to-fat ratio and strengthen your bones.


3. Try new gluten-free recipes

Did you know that a gluten-free diet doesn’t have to be boring! Have fun experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes. Make sure to pay close attention to all of the ingredients when you are shopping, and have fun experimenting. Research cookbooks and blogs that cater to gluten-free diets and lifestyles!

Moreover, being gluten-free doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy dessert! Don’t neglect your sweet tooth, Simply Delish range of jels and puddings are gluten-free and a great additive to a recipe or can be enjoyed on their own! In no less than five minutes and no more than 60, you’ll be enjoying a delicious, gluten-free Simply Delish treat.

Do you have a gluten-free recipe that you would like to share? Click here to upload your recipe and the chance to have it featured in our e-recipe book!


4. Explore local celiac-friendly restaurants & meal kits

Don’t want to cook at home? Limited to dining options because of COVID? How about exploring some restaurant chains that have gluten-free options as they are becoming more and more popular. It’s also the perfect time to check out a few smaller, local restaurants and see where you can customize your menu to fit your diet.

A helpful tip is to make sure that the gluten-free items are cooked away from potential cross-contamination in the kitchen. Be sure to communicate with your server that you are gluten-free and remember to ask questions. Be wary of restaurants that use ingredients with gluten in any sauces or spices or those that cook in the same area as food that has gluten.

However, if eating out isn’t an option or you have limited gluten-free dining options, we suggest meal kits that cater to a gluten-free lifestyle. Recommended meal kit companies such as Green ChefHello Fresh, and Home Chef deliver the mise en place you need to create a delicious gluten-free meal in the comfort of your kitchen.


5. Join a celiac disease support group

Lastly, did you know that according to the Celiac Disease Foundation ., celiac disease is estimated to affect 1 in 100 people worldwide? You are not alone! Joining a support group can help you navigate your lifestyle. You can share advice on foods to avoid, cookbook and recipe suggestions, some great restaurants to try, and other advice on managing the disease.