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Mixing Instructions:

1. POUR jelly powder into 100ml (1/3 cup) of cold water and stir until dissolved.
2. ADD 300ml (1 1/3 cups) boiling water and stir.
3. Place into serving dish or mold until set.
4. Allow to cool at room temperature then place in refrigerator
5. Sets in 60 Minutes

6. Then the best part – Sit back and Enjoy!

Checkout our Blog Post with Video Instructions: How To Make Simply Delish Jels.

When using the Unflavoured Jel Dessert:

Here we leave you room to be as creative as you want. Add fresh fruit or add various fruit juices or anything you can think of.


1. When adding Fruit Juice we suggest Ceres 100% Fruit juice for an amazing delicious flavor.
2. Cut up any of your favorite fruit from strawberry’s, pineapples, oranges to whatever your taste buds feel like.

3. Be as creative as you want – Let your imagination run WILD!



Mixing Instructions:

1. Beat pudding mix into 2 cups (480ml) of milk or 1 1/4 cups (300ml) of milk substitute using hand held or electric beater for 2-5 min or until thickened.
2. Pour into serving dish and allow to stand for 5 minutes.

3. For a delicious hot pudding – heat in microwave for 2 min.

Checkout our Blog Post with Video Instructions: How To Make Simply Delish Puddings.

Pudding will be smooth and creamy and ready to eat. Can be prepared with full cream/low fat/fat free milk as well as milk substitutes (Soy, Almond, Coconut, Any Plant-Based milk). Delicious as a filling when mixed with cream/non-dairy cream.


Q: Do I need to refrigerate the Jel and pudding to set?
A: No they both set outside the fridge – The jel will set in 60mins and the pudding will set in 5 minutes. We do suggest once set to place in the fridge to keep cold and fresh.

Q: Is it OK not to refrigerate the jel after it sets? Will it spoil?
A: Once it sets we always suggest to keep it in the fridge to keep it nice and cold as well as fresh.

If it is an environment that is hot it might re-melt again to become liquid.
It should not spoil if left out for a long period of time as long as it is in a cool environment.

Preferably refrigerate to keep it set and fresh for longer.

As pudding is made using Milk / Milk Substitute if not eaten all please refrigerate to not spoil.


Checkout our Blog Post: What are the 8 Ingredients in Simply Delish.


Q: Is Simply Delish range of desserts completely Sugar-Free?

A: Yes, our entire range is sugar-free. We use a blend of Erythritol and Stevia as the sweetener.

Checkout our Blog Post: What is Stevia: Benefits, Facts, and Uses.

Q: I’m allergic to aspartame, can you tell me what artificial sweetener you use in your deserts, please.

A: Our range of products is Aspartame free. We use a blend of Erythritol and Stevia as the sweetener. Our Erythritol is GMO-Free.

Q: Do you use any high fructose corn syrups in your product?

A: We do not use any high fructose corn syrup in our range of desserts. The only sweetener in the product is Erythritol and Stevia.


Q: Does the Product contain gluten?

A: Our Products are completely gluten-free. We have had the products and manufacturer tested.

Check out our Blog Post: 5 Tips on Living with Celiac Disease.


Q: Does the Product contain dairy?

A: The product contains no milk products. The product and our facility are completely dairy-free.

Please refer to Our Facility below for more information.

Q: Can I use a milk alternative to mix my pudding?

A: Yes you can prepare the pudding with Soy, Almond, Coconut, or any Plant-based milk and it will set perfectly. Please see the instructions for the correct measurement to use for the milk alternative.


Q: Does the product contain nuts or could there be cross-contamination?

A: All our products are tree nut/peanut free including our manufacturing plant. Please see Our Facility below for more information. 


Q: Does your product contain dye’s?

A: All our products are dye free. We pride ourselves on being natural and do not have any artificial colors or flavors. We use natural flavors such as strawberry and natural colors such as beet.

Q: Do you use carrageenan in your Jels?

A: Yes, we use carrageenan in our product, but it is derived from seaweed.

Check out our Blog Post: Carrageenan: Facts, Safety, and Benefits.


Q: Does the sodium come from the various ingredients or do we add salt in – if we add salt what salt do we use eg: table salt?

A: In the jel, the salt content comes from the seaweed setting agent that we use. In the puddings, we use phosphate emulsifying salt which can be found in all instant pudding desserts and is derived from the phosphate rock in the earth. No table salt is used in our products.


Q: Can you tell me if the citric acid in your jello is derived from corn?

A: Yes, the citric acid is derived from corn and it is GMO-Free.

Q: I see there is Starch in your pudding. What is it derived from?

A: The starch is derived from potatoes and is GMO-free.


Q: Do your products contain soy?

A: Our jel does not contain any soy. Our new formulation puddings do not contain

* Please note that as of January 2020 we have changed the formulation of our pudding. We have removed Soy Lecithin and replaced it with Sunflower Lecithin. When purchasing the pudding please review the pack to determine if you have the old packaging or new packaging as there might still be old packaging in the market until it sells out.


Q: Do you ever check the potassium content in the Jel?

A: Natural Pudding Vanilla and Strawberry – contains ZERO potassium.

Natural Pudding Chocolate – contains: 0.09 g per serving

Natural Jel Desserts – contains: 0.27 g per serving


Q: What is the phosphorus content of your Jels and Puddings?

A: Phosphorus content of jels is less than 20mg per serving.

The puddings contain approximately 178mg per serving.


Q: Do you know how much vitamin K1 or K2 is in this product?

A: THERE IS ZERO VITAMIN K in any of our products.

Q: I am wondering if fruit can be added to Simply Delish Jel as it can be to Jello.

A: Yes, you can add whole pieces of fruit to the jel. If you are adding fruit juice just make sure you keep within the exact measurements and you should be fine. Also, avoid adding high acid fruit/juice such as lemon or pineapple as this will prevent the dessert from setting.


Q: What are the calories for each product?

A: The Jel is only 6 calories per serving.

The pudding is around 25 calories per serving.

Q: Is the calorie indication on your package correct? Does it include milk calories as well? The milk portion has more calories than what you indicate the pudding portion calorie is. Or should one still add the milk portion on top of that?

A: When working out calories or macros of the product please take into account the calories/macros of the milk/milk substitute you are using. The packaging nutritional table is the dry ingredients or if mixed with water.

Q: I see the total carbs, the dietary fiber, and the sugar alcohols. It says 10g total carbs per serving on the pudding Is this the amount of carbs left after already subtracting fiber and sugar alcohols.

A: The carbs stated on the packaging of our Simply Delish pudding show 10g total carbs, but once you take off the dietary fiber and sugar alcohol, the total amount of carbs is 4g Net carbs (as is stated on the packaging).

Q: The Jel states 0 net carbs yet the back of the package states 4 carbs. Please explain?

A: The carbs stated on the packaging of our Simply Delish jel show 4g total carbs, but those carbs are derived from 4g Sugar alcohols. Once you take off the sugar alcohol, the total amount of carbs is 0g Net carbs (as is stated on the packaging).
Please note that our old packaging did not show sugar alcohol in total. We have updated our entire range to show the sugar alcohols. This should be hitting the shelves soon. Please visit the Jel section and below to view the new image of the updated nutritional panel.

Simply Delish Sugar Free Raspberry Jel Back


Q: Does your product contain Dextrin?

A: Yes, some pudding flavors do contain Dextrin. We use sugar-free Dextrin in our products.


Q: Does your product contain Maltodextrin?

A: No, we do not have this ingredient in our range of desserts.


Q: What are the “emulsifiers” used?

A: Tetrasodium pyrophosphate
Disodium phosphate
Pudding: – Old Packaging – Soy lecithin (allergen)

* Please note that as of January 2020, we changed our emulsifier from Soy to Sunflower Lecithin in order to make an allergen-free claim. (When consuming your product please review the pack to see if you are consuming a new or old formulation)


Q: Do your products contain MSG?

A: There is no MSG in our range of desserts


Q: Is Simply Delish range of desserts VEGAN

A: Yes, our entire Range is 100% Vegan. We do not have any animal, fish, or dairy ingredients in our range of desserts.

We are also Plant-Based! Check out our Blog Post: Plant-Based vs. Vegan: What’s the Difference?


Q: Can you freeze the Black Cherry Jel and not harm the probiotic benefits of the product?

A: Freezing should have zero impact on the spores. The counts should not be different. It is safe to freeze the Jels.

Check out our Blog Post: The Importance of Your Gut Health


Q: Do our products contain, may contain, are processed on the same lines or same facility as peanuts and tree nut products?

Q: Is there any cross-contamination or shared lines with any of your Jels or Puddings with these allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, sesame, and kiwi.

A: Our food facility is approved by major food auditors. We have the following cleaning, sanitation & allergen measures in place to prevent cross-contamination:

  • Allergen ingredients are stored separately.
  • We use dedicated utensils and sieves for allergen lines.
  • We have cleaning and sanitation methods in place to ensure all areas are properly cleaned.
  • After cleaning and sanitation, machinery and surfaces are swabbed to check for any trace of allergens.
  • We run sample allergen tests to ensure that products are allergen-free.
  • No Cross-contamination.


Q: Is the Simply Delish range of desserts Keto?
A: Yes, our entire Range is Keto Certified.

We pleased to announce that Simply Delish has met the KETO Certified Standards set forth by the Paleo Foundation!


Q: Is the Simply Delish range of desserts KOSHER
A: Yes our entire Range is Kosher. We have the South African Beth Din parve and USA Star K parve certification.


Q: Is the Simply Delish range of desserts HALAL?
A: Yes, our entire Range is Halal. We are S.A.N.H.A. certified, which is internationally recognized.


Q: Is the Simply Delish range of desserts NON-GMO?
A: Yes, our entire Range is NON-GMO Project verified.

Check out our Blog Post: Our Butterfly Effect – NON-GMO Project.


Q: Is the Simply Delish range of desserts VEGAN?
A: Yes, our entire Range is Vegan and Plant-Based.

We are a proud partner of PETA’s Business Friends. We value creating vegan and cruelty-free desserts that are formulated with plant-based ingredients. Aside from our core values, we admire PETA’s mission of uncompromising stands on animal rights.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

My Order is not exactly what I wanted. What is Simply Delish return policy?

We want what you want. If you didn’t get what you wanted, send it back!

To return your product, please mail your product to: 6370 Lusk Blvd. Suite F108, San Diego California US 92121

You will be responsible the shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of any shipping charges will be deducted from your refund.

Please allow up to 7 business days from receipt of your returned items for your refund to be processed. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Can I return products I purchased from a retailer of Simply Delish?

We only accept returns for items purchased on If you want to return an item you purchased from a retailer, please contact that retailer directly for information on their return policy.

Can I return Simply Delish products that I purchased online to an official retailer?

Products purchased on must be returned directly to us and not to a retailer.


How can I track my order?

Click HERE to track your order!

Or, search your email inbox for an order confirmation from “Simply Delish – [email protected]”.

What Forms of Payment does accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and Apple Pay!

How do I know if my order was placed successfully?

You must be excited to receive your new Delicious Dessert! We are excited for you!

After your order is submitted, you will be directed to a confirmation page with your order number. If you’ve reached this page, it means we’ve received your order and it is being processed. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email letting you know your product is on its way.

How much does shipping and handling cost?

US Shipping is Free on any order of $30+. A flat rate of $5 will be charged for any orders less than $30. Additionally, customers in Alaska and Hawaii will be charged a flat rate of $15 and Canadian customers will be charged $5.

When will I receive my order?

The mail carrier we use depends on the weight of the order and distance to destination. We fulfill orders next day and the expected transit time is 1 – 8 days.

If located on the West Coast, you can expect an average transit time of 1-3 days.

Orders going to the East Coast can expect an average of 3 – 5 days.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns regarding shipping pricing and transit times.


Does Simply Delish ship internationally?

We currently ship in the USA and Canada, but we welcome any international inquiries. If you would like to ship Simply Delish outside of the USA and CAN, please send your inquiry to [email protected]

We are also available on many other websites around the world!




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